The BEST sushi in Vancouver

Let’s kick off the first post with something that’s infamously Vancouver…sushi. Vancouver has some of the FRESHEST sushi in Canada because of it’s proximity to the ocean. The price and quality is also tops; as you learn in your economics 101 – competition (supply) will bring down prices. Common sense says that competition is also good for consumers in terms of quality and pricing. It’s true.

With hundreds of sushi shops across the lower main land, Vancouver has no shortage of sushi eateries to savor. Many of which also provides excellent value and quality.

Here’s a list of the BEST sushi in Vancouver (for quality) from Vancouver Local Q&A site.:

(1) Ajisai Sushi Bar – Easily one of the BEST sushi in Vancouver. Not to be missed. Only 10 minutes from UBC at Kerrisdale

(2) Sushi Bar Maumi – Actually REALLY good and fresh sushi. Your textbook could probably only buy you 20 pieces from their Omasake menu. It’s downtown, central.

(3) Hoshi Sushi at the Sandbar – Nice view and ambiance with good sushi on Grandville Island. Not necessary the best sushi in Vancouver by it self but in combination with the experience, it’s a good sushi experience. Somewhere you may go on a fancy date with your significant other; maybe a celebration for passing your exams?

(4) Miku: We all already know about Miku. Best Aburi sushi in Vancouver and good modern Japanese food. It should probably be higher on the list for the best sushi in Vancouver but they are already very well known.

(5) Hitoe Sushi: A little lesser known hole in the wall. likes to feature good local places that are lesser discovered. Hitoe Sushi is one of them. They don’t even have a proper website which in this day and age explains why such good sushi can go relatively unnoticed. Their website is mostly Japanese but at least you know the chef, owner-operator is truly Japanese. Sushi is good, bordering on the best sushi in Vancouver list. (there may be others better but this is competitive just like your scaling)

Yes ToJo’s wasn’t on the list surprisingly. I suppose it’s over mentioned already.


Here’s a list for the BEST cheap sushi in Vancouver (for value to quality) on

(1) Sushi Garden

(2) Broadway Sushi

(3) Hoshi Sushi

(4) Shabusen Yakiniku house

(5) Matsuyama Sushi Richmond – In Richmond but it’s worth the hike for the late night specials. It’s only 30 minutes by transit on the 480 to bridgeport or the 49 to Langara station then take a short stroll from Lansdowne to Matsuyama for some good and cheap sushi in Vancouver.

There was another sushi store I tried the other day in Granville St. call Jako sushi (it’s a Japanese/Korean Sushi store – JaKo) that’s worth a mention. The sushi is sub-par at best by measure of their rice and the execution of the rolls but the value is likely unbelievable. 22 pieces with miso for only $5.95. Add tax to that and you’re looking at $6.45 for a very filling sushi experience. It’s mostly a take out place though.


Apologies for any grammar or typos. You’d think with studying at UBC and taking ENGL mandatory courses, my writing would be better – truth is I didn’t do so well with those ENGL courses. Kidding, I’m writing this in a rush because I rather spend my time eating at these best of Vancouver sushi restaurants than penning words on a casual UBC blog. Priorities.

Like Obama choosing SXSW over Nancy Reagan.

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