The University of British Columbia

ENGL 110: Literature and Culture.* Teaching GTA, taught weekly discussion section ~30 students* An introduction to key examples of literature including Shakespeare’s classic works; students learn the fundamentals of argumentative essay structure, close reading, and identifying central themes.

ENGL 111: Language and Communication.* Teaching GTA, taught weekly discussion section ~30 students* An introduction course intended to offer sample studies of different communication genres. Students learn how to analyze genres such as autobiography, comics, and business writing.

APSC 402ASTU 402FRST 402LFS 402, and LLED 402: Living Language: Science & Society. Senior Teaching Assistant. This course explores the interdisciplinary connections between language and important aspects of societies around the world. Weekly topics include sign language, bilingualism, language development/acquisition, and AI.

ENGL/LING 140: Challenging Language Myths. Teaching Assistant. Students navigate weekly topics that engage with common misunderstandings and stereotypes surrounding language. We examine misconceptions, for example, regarding differences in language expression between genders and cultures.


Langara College – Marking

CMNS 2228 Advanced Written Communication

ENG 1130 Modern Novel, Poetry & Film

ENGL 1129 Modern Novel, Poetry & Drama

ENGL 1121 Reading & Writing Skills

ENGL 1123 Intro to Academic Writing


UBC Vantage College – Marking

LLED 200: Introduction to Writing in Academic and Professional Registers

VANT 149: Content and Language Enrichment Tutorials.


*Teaching evaluations available upon request.


Veronika Larsen / Teaching