News of the Week; Feb. 27,2013


1. Make A Counterstrike Map Of A Montreal Metro Station, Get Threatened With $50,000 Fine:

2. Former FBI Profiler: Video Games Do Not Cause Violence

3. Majority of Americans Believe Games Contribute to Violence:

4. Fear of a Woman Warrior:

5. Sony patent application measures load times to detect pirated games:

6. BFI to administer games tax relief cultural test:

7. Zynga announces more job cuts, closures—will online gambling keep it afloat?:

8. New Jersey Passes Online Gambling Law:

9. “The Illegal Process: Basic Problems in the Making and Application of Censorship” by James Grimmelmann:

In response to:

10. “Orwell’s Armchair” by Derek Bambauer:

11. A Charter Right to Search Google?:

12. Via Michael Geist – R. v. Fearon: the Ontario CA decision on searching cellphones without a warrant if no password protection:

13. Alan Westin, scholar who helped shape internet privacy law, dies at 83:

14. I used Google Glass: the future, but with monthly updates:

15. French Tax Proposal Zeroes In on Web Giants’ Data Harvest:

16. Property, intangible: Who, Exactly, is an “Author”?:,+intangible)&m=1

17. Internet providers launch controversial Copyright Alert System, promise ‘education’ over lawsuits:

18. Buying Keyword Ads on People’s Names Doesn’t Violate Their Publicity Rights:

19. The Use of Legal Scholarship in Intellectual Property Decisions:

And in the not really relevant category:

20. New York Yankees: Yes, We’re ‘Evil’:

21. Judge: Mocking Lindsay Lohan Is Allowed; Plagiarizing A Court Filing, Not So Much:


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