News of the Week; March 20,2013

1. Nintendo found guilty of patent infringement over glasses-free 3DS technology:

2. Major vulnerability in EA’s Origin platform lets hackers overtake PCs:

3. Defeating mobile game clones: Why copyright protection is not enough:

4. Research: Playing Shooters Improves Visual Search:

5. Video Games and Societal Violence: Cause for Urgent Action or a Bridge Too Far?:

6. Reading, Writing and Video Games:

7. Modder Shows How SimCity Can Be Played Offline:

8. (U.S.)   Supreme Court Rules That First Sale Doctrine Not Limited by Geography

+ Issues in Kirtsaeng ‘Significant’:

+ Link to decision in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons (SCOTUS):

9. Appeals court rejects record label’s effort to neuter DMCA safe harbor:

+ Link to Veoh (US 9th Circuit) decision:

10. (U.S.) Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Appeal in $222,000 File-Sharing Case:

11. Hacker Case Leads to Calls for Better Law:

12. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY REGIME IN CANADA – Report of the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology (March 2013):

13. The head of the Copyright Office says the law is broken — but can she fix it in time?:

+ Register Of Copyright Suggests That Personal Downloading Should Not Be Seen As ‘Piracy’:

14. MIT And Aaron Swartz’s Lawyers Argue Over Releasing Evidence:

15. Privacy is dead:

16. Collateral Censorship and Freedom of the Press – Christina Mulligan:

17. Jonathan Zittrain on Google Glass (audio):

18. Elon Musk Refuses To File Patents At His High-Tech Private Space Company:

19. SC5 pays salaries in Bitcoin:

 + US regulator: Bitcoin exchanges must comply with money-laundering laws:

And in the not really relevant category:

20. Applicants face significant hurdles in registering flavour and scent trademarks in the U.S.:

And in the sometimes all you have is sarcasm department:

21. BREAKING: Girls Play Video Games, Local News Discovers:


5 thoughts on “News of the Week; March 20,2013

    1. Merrick Cohen

      I don’t think there is anything disturbing about that! I can understand how people misinterpret it though, and in fact it could have been done for shock value. I learned map making for original halflife/garry’s mod when I was in highschool and I modeled my house, the park and playground i grew up on, my friend’s houses, etc. I never got around to my school but it would have been understandable if I had. I played counter-strike on on all the maps I made but that in zero way correlates with wanting to shoot up my house! Map making is hard for a beginners and making your school to play in is a fun exercise.

      1. jakko

        I am kinda with Merrick on this one, but I definitely see why you might find that disturbing Arshana. The fact guns are used to kill people is a pretty disturbing concept in itself. When someone makes a map that represents a real life location, they are adding another layer of realism to the game and tearing down the disconnect between reality and virtual reality. Playing a shooter in your school may serve you of the disturbing nature of gun violence, but ultimately those maps are no different than maps based on a fictitious location. I might be wrong, but I bet if the guns in that game were replaced with water pistols or paintball guns you wouldn’t be as upset.

        1. arshana

          Completely agree with you both Merrick and Jacob. I wasn’t creeped out by the mapping, thats completely legitimate but as Jacob pointed out, the fact that it was a fps instead of water pistols etc. I can see how mapping out familiar areas for gameplay can be a fun and interesting challenge but I suppose because I went there and the threat of gun violence was not always a hypothetical during my years there it hit a bit close for comfort.

          I don’t think people who play the game are going to turn around and shoot up the school! Instead, the timing seemed insensitive given recent school shootings and the school’s history.


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