News of the Week; March 27, 2013

1. Bug in EA’s Battlefield Play4Free allows attackers to hijack players’ PCs:

2. Kaiju Combat Kickstarter Suspended Over Trademark Infringement Claim:

3. Video Game Retailers Receive High Marks from 2012 FTC Secret Shopper Survey:

4. New Research Suggests Extended ‘Screen Time’ Does Not Breed Bad Behavior in Young Children:

5. Pratchett: Nobody talks about how well Nathan Drake represents men:

6. Developer takes aim at gun control debate:

7. Piracy and plush counterfeits key to Plants v. Zombies’ surprise success in China:

8. Oculus Rift: Seeing is Believing:

9. Wiretap laws apply to text messages, court rules:

10. Microsoft Releases Report on Law Enforcement Requests:

11. What You Didn’t Post, Facebook May Still Know:

12. Is the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act the ‘worst law in technology’?:

13. Why Nevada’s first online gambling license is more symbol than substance

14. US Senate votes in favor of proposed nationwide internet sales taxes:

15. Judges as Bad Reviewers: Fair Use and Epistemological Humility by Rebecca Tushnet:


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