Resources Index & Postscript to Class 13

A mash-up of follow-ups.

Promised in our last class to do an index to the Resources section of this site. It is now up and reachable through the main tab on the far right – now renamed “Resources (Index)”. Below that tab other tabs open up which contain the content referenced. Gradually over time, will try to add comments adding context to each resource and explain their relevance to the course.

Among the new posts in Resources is the Ai Weiwei Gangham Style video referenced during the class (under the “International” subtab).

Finally and importantly, Prof.¬†William Fisher’s Copyright Spring 2013: Event 4 on Appropriation Art which took place a few hours after our last class took up one of our key conversations almost where we left off. In particular the points made (especially by Ken) relating to the nature of creative works built on previous works. The Appropriation Art event focused in particular on the well known example of Shepard Fairey’s Obama “Hope” poster lawsuit with AP. It wrestles with challenging aspects of copyright law and frequently harkens to many of the themes of our course.

Video is under Resources – Copyright & IP. Also below for additional convenience:


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