News of the Week; April 17, 2013

1. ‘Free’ Web And App Games Investigated:

+ OFT’s investigation of UK free to play games and children: a step into the unknown?:

2. NJ Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Ban Non-Existent ‘Mature Rated’ Public Arcade Games

3. Antitrust complaint against Android is an attack on open source:

4. 56 percent of all patent lawsuits are made by patent trolls:

5. A look at the Bitcoin network transaction history:

6. Why are lawyers deciding on munchkins’ hairstyles? The Wizard of Oz and copyright:

7. Australia To Propose Copyright Reform That Includes Fair Use:

8. New Book On The History Of Music, Copyright And Piracy Shows How Copyright Tends To Hold Back Music:

9. Google’s New Inactive Account Manager Gives You Control Over Your Digital Afterlife:


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