News of the Week; June 12, 2013

1. Patrice Désilets Sues Ubisoft For $400,000 And Rights To Purchase 1666:

2. Acknowledging Copyright’s Illegitimate Offspring – User-Generated Content and Canadian Copyright Law by Teresa Scassa:

3. How Games Licensing Works on Xbox One:

4. Xbox One, discs, and downloads: Better than feared, worse than hoped:

5. PS4 $399, no used game restrictions:

6. EFF Weighs in on First Sale Doctrine and Used Games

7. Analyst: Publishers Unlikely to Block Used Games, But Might Seek Retail Fee

8. Mattrick addresses Xbox One online concerns:

9. Privacy concerns won’t hurt Xbox One, says Bushnell:

10. Chinese Game 300 Heroes A Mash-Up of Copyrighted Material

11. Investigation into Trendy Entertainment reports mismanagement, sexism:

12. Rhode Island Republicans Call for Investigation Into 38 Studios Deal, Urge a Default on $100 Million Debt

13. New online game turns mild-mannered Vancouver pedestrians into virtual warriors:

14. Video Gamers Really Do See More: Gamers Capture More Information Faster for Visual Decision-Making:

15. Tech Companies Concede to Surveillance Program:

16. Google, Facebook and Microsoft Ask to Reveal U.S. Data Requests:

17. Privacy czar to probe Canadian impact of U.S. data program:


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