News of the Week; June 19, 2013

1. Apogee Sues Gearbox Over Duke Nukem Forever Deal

2. Beyonce Settles Lawsuit with Game Developer Gate Five:

3. The Truth About Video Games and Gun Violence:

4. George Lucas & Steven Spielberg on the Future of Entertainment:

5. Is EA Seeing the Light on Used Games? It Sure Sounds Like It

6. Microsoft reverses Xbox One online check and used games policies following backlash:

7. I Can’t Stop Playing Candy Crush But That’s a Ridiculous Reason to IPO:

8. Nolan Bushnell Explains Why Kids Who Video Game Are Smarter Than Those Who Don’t:

9. Pixels Floating on the Art World’s Margins:

10. Secret Court Ruling in 2008 Put Technology Companies in Bind:

11. Google Calls U.S. Data Request Disclosures a Step Backward for Users:

12. Apple Executive Defends Pricing in Case on E-Books:

13. Internet Censorship and Control – A collection of peer reviewed papers on the topic of Internet Censorship and Control:

And in the “Oh no…really?” category:

14. Forbes Told Women What to Wear to E3, Users Tell Forbes Where to Go:


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