News of the Week; July 3, 2013

1. Beyonce Settles $100M Lawsuit With Video Game Company:

2. First Amendment trumps trademark in Call of Duty Case:

3. Antonick v. Electronic Arts (Patent Arcade Update):

4. Texas Teen Could Face Eight Years in Prison for Comments Made in League of Legends

5. Blizzard Bans More Diablo III Players for ‘Cheating’:

6. 10 Business Lessons from the Battlefield: utm_source=slideshow&utm_medium=ssemail&utm_campaign=weekly_digest

7. Consoles must offer self-publishing to attract indies, says Jackbox:

8. How Important Are YouTube Game Videos To Game Companies?:

9. Microsoft explains Xbox One’s new griefer-separating reputation system:

10. Video Games: Seven More Building Blocks in MoMA’s Collection

11. Zynga Hires Xbox Boss to Initiate Turnaround:

12. Ubisoft warns millions of video gamers of hack attack:

13. Bushnell: Atari abused by shareholders:

14. Research: Active Gaming Therapy Beneficial to Stroke Victim Recovery:

15. Oracle v Google update: is refusing copyright protection to application programming interfaces (APIs) the only way to achieve interoperability?:

16. Secret Court Declassifies Yahoo’s Role in Disclosure Fight:

17. NSA surveillance may be legal — but it’s unconstitutional:

18. Choice of Law for Online Copyright Infringement – A Proposal for the Law Applicable to Ubiquitous File Sharing by S.R. Blackman:


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