News of the Week; July 10, 2013

1. Sega claiming $941,000 from THQ over Company of Heroes 2 preorders:

2. Is Hacking Videogame Characters Legal?:

3. Research: Violent Games Do Not Adversely Affect Prosocial Behavior

4. Microsoft patent filing attempts to lock down games with multiple engines running concurrently:

5. Microsoft: Xbox One advertising will integrate with Kinect:

6. Mattrick prepped Zynga buyout while at Microsoft – report:

7. An EVE Revenant Supercarrier downed on combat is the most expensive ship destroyed to date:

8. A Conversation with Paola Antonelli about MoMA’s Video Game Collection:

9. Apple guilty of ebook price fixing, rules federal court:

10. Secret Court’s Redefinition of ‘Relevant’ Empowered Vast NSA Data-Gathering:

+ The Laws You Can’t See:

+ Supreme Court asked to halt NSA phone surveillance:

+ Is Switzerland turning into a cloud-haven in the wake of Prism scandal?:

11. Author Resale rights in Canadian Copyright Law:

12. Bitcoin tax time?

13. Did Florida Accidentally Ban All Computers and Smartphones?

And in the “too cute” category:

14. The Console Wars Become A Triumphant West Side Story-Style Musical


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