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News of the Week; May 15, 2013

1. EA will no longer pay gun makers for the right to depict weapons in games:

2. ‘Xbox Killer’ Takes Conviction Fight to Florida Supreme Court

3. Research: Frequent Exposure to Violent Games May Have ‘Desensitizing Effect’:

4. Vice President Sees No Legal Hurdles in Enacting Sin Tax on Violent Media

5. Blizzard Donates Money Made from Diablo III Gold Glitch to Children’s Charity

6. Make Your Own Video Game With No Coding Required:

7. Appeals court ruling could be ‘death’ of software patents:

8. The Intellectual Property Implications of Low-Cost 3D Printing by S. Bradshaw, A. Bowyer & P. Haufe:

9. Google, Twitter, Facebook and the new global battle over the future of free speech:

10. Are end-user agreements for tangible products on the horizon?:

11. The state of Internet privacy in 2013: Research roundup:

12. In the not entirely relevant category:

A Theory of Justice, the Musical Imagines Philosopher John Rawls as a Time-Traveling Adventurer

13. And in the could we possibly be more prejudiced and out of date category:

Nintendo of Japan Patches Out Same-Sex Relationships in Tomodachi Collection: New Life


News of the Week; May 8, 2013

1. Cat meme creators in legal battle with Scribblenauts:

2. Sega, Gearbox Respond to Aliens: Colonial Marines Class Action Lawsuit

3. Piracy or baiting? The thorny legal question of Game Dev Tycoon’s honeypot:

4. New S. Korean legislation groups games with alcohol and drugs:

5. Patrice Desilets leaves Ubisoft again:

6. EA drops gun licenses, will use them anyway:

7. Want to Slow Mental Decay? Play a Video Game:

8. Google hires a chief game designer, but isn’t saying why:

9. Court Dismisses Craigslist Suit Against Competitors:

10. Facebook wins millions in case against typo squatters:


News of the Week; May 1, 2013

1. SEGA, Gearbox sued in class action lawsuit over Aliens-CM:

2. Electronic Arts Faces Jury Trial Over ‘Madden NFL’:

3. Greenheart Games Trolls Pirates With Altered Cracked Version Of Game Dev Tycoon:

4. Experts – Chris Christie’s Video Game Proposals Would Face Uphill Legal Battles

5. In Defense of Violent Video Games:

6. Scientology Spoof Takes Grand Theft Auto V Ads Viral:

7. Is the end near for used video games?

8. Riot: Don’t ban your players, reform them:

9. GTFO: Don’t film the trolls:

10. IDC expects paying mobile gamers to pass paying handheld gamers this year:

11. Court Rules in Artist’s Favor:

+ Appropriation Artist Richard Prince Prevails Against Photographer at Appeals Court:

+ USCA decision in Patrick Cariou v. Richard Prince, et al.:

12. Court Ruling Takes a Stand on Essential High-Tech Patents:

13. Google Transparency Report shows censorship spike, details takedown requests:

14. Pushing the boundaries of copyright protection? Card, board and football games:

15. Disruptions: Brain Computer Interfaces Inch Closer to Mainstream:


News of the Week; April 24, 2013

1. EA Convinces California Court to Cancel ‘Edge’ Trademarks:

2. Can you sell second hand games legally? Should you? – Jas Purewal:

3. Film to be distributed via games console for first time:

4. Microsoft to pay Japanese Xbox owners with Points for a million hours of playtime:

5. Activision Buys Competition:

6. UK Interactive Entertainment CEO defends games as culture before EU tax investigation:

7. Video games may encourage healthy behavior:

8. Rutgers Player-Authors Survey:

9. Thrown for a Curve in Rhode Island:

10. A Breakdown of Canada’s Videogame Industry, the Third Biggest in the World:

11. IGDA Strongly Opposes CISPA

12. YouTube defeats Viacom copyright lawsuit – again:

+ Link to Viacom v YouTube District Court decision:

13. UMG Wins Copyright Ruling in Case Against Grooveshark:

14. PRIVACY AND SOCIAL MEDIA IN THE AGE OF BIG DATA – Report of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics (House of Commons, Canada):

15. Ex-Google ad engineer fights back against advertisers with anti-tracking software:

16. Why You’ll Soon Be Paying Sales Taxes on All of Your Internet Purchases–Amazon v. NY Taxation Department:

17. The Google Shortcut to Trademark Law – Lisa Larrimore Ouellette:


“scripted” Issue on Post Mortem Privacy

scripted is a journal of law, technology & society available online. The most current issue has post mortem privacy as its theme, a subject that came up in class particularly in Week 5’s talk and thereafter. For anyone doing a paper trenching on the territory and indeed for anyone interested here is a direct link to the issue:


News of the Week; April 17, 2013

1. ‘Free’ Web And App Games Investigated:

+ OFT’s investigation of UK free to play games and children: a step into the unknown?:

2. NJ Lawmaker Proposes Bill to Ban Non-Existent ‘Mature Rated’ Public Arcade Games

3. Antitrust complaint against Android is an attack on open source:

4. 56 percent of all patent lawsuits are made by patent trolls:

5. A look at the Bitcoin network transaction history:

6. Why are lawyers deciding on munchkins’ hairstyles? The Wizard of Oz and copyright:

7. Australia To Propose Copyright Reform That Includes Fair Use:

8. New Book On The History Of Music, Copyright And Piracy Shows How Copyright Tends To Hold Back Music:

9. Google’s New Inactive Account Manager Gives You Control Over Your Digital Afterlife:


News of the Week; April 10, 2013

1. Zynga launches real-money online gambling, stock price surges:

2. Misogyny, Sexism, And Why RPS Isn’t Shutting Up:

3. Dancing girls and industry evolution:

4. Minecraft, Scrolls, 0X10C: The Past, Present and Future of Mojang as Seen Through Notch’s Eyes:

5. Sen. Dianne Feinstein Talks Guns and Games at San Francisco Gathering

6. Video Game Lobby Steers Gun Violence Debate Away:

7. The Psychological Appeal of Violent Shooters:

8. Patent troll Lodsys sues 10 mobile game makers, despite Apple’s intervention:

9. Sega forced to admit wrongdoing in Alien: Colonial Marines advertising:

10. Microsoft creative director: ‘I don’t get the drama’ over ‘always-on’ Xbox rumors:

11. Cancer, The Video Game

12. Crown bound by Copyright Act: Manitoba v Access Copyright:

13. Google Immunized for Its Search Results–Mmubango v. Google:

14. In our digital world you don’t own stuff, you just license it:

15. Beyond the Patents-Prizes Debate by Daniel Hemel, Lisa Ouellette:


News of the Week; April 3, 2013

1. Immigrant Uses Xbox Live History To Gain Legal Residency:

2. Iowa State Rearchers Find Link Between Juvenile Offenders and Playing Violent Video Games:

3. What would you do if you weren’t afraid?:

4. Turning the tables on trolls: ‘Tropes vs. Women’ creator talks harassment at GDC:

5. Banner & Witcoff secures win for

6. A Setback for Resellers of Digital Products:

+ link to U.S. District Court decision in Capitol Records, LLC v. ReDigi Inc.

7. Aereo Wins a Court Battle, Dismaying Broadcasters:

+ link to USCA decision in WNET v. Aereo, Inc.

8. New York Court Upholds Sales Tax for Online Retailers: nl=technology&emc=edit_tu_20130329&_r=0

9. Now THIS is how to write your startup’s Terms of Service

10. Letting Down Our Guard With Web Privacy:

11. Entire library journal editorial board resigns, citing ‘crisis of conscience’ after death of Aaron Swartz:

12. Copyright Ruling Rings With Echo of Betamax:

And in the not really relevant category:

13. Lindt loses German case over Easter bunny trademark: