How to Build a Virtual World: Part VI – The Experience

On October 22nd, Emily Carr, VanVR and VanCG collaborated on a six-part talk series, How to Build a Virtual World, held somewhat monthly on Emily Carr’s Granville Island Campus. Available technology wasn’t always there for the presenters, yet a great line-up of speakers from the realms of design, programming, lighting and rigging each walked us through their experiences in the emerging reality of virtual. By February, 2016, it was becoming apparent that all the Gears, Rifts and Vives etc.┬áthat were supposed to be shipped along with Santa’s other presents would not be ready to wear until summer! Nevertheless, the series pressed on and today we were presented with multiple treats.

Today, the series wrapped up with The Experience, and what a one it was!

More to come, hopefully pictures too!

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