Virtual Koerner’s (named in honor of our local campus pub, currently closed) is a space for thinking, socializing, and sharing experiences during these “unprecedented” times.

Our participants are mainly, but not exclusively, faculty and graduate students or former graduate students in Hispanic Studies at the University of British Columbia. Some of us are in Vancouver, others are wherever the lockdown found us: Quito, La Paz, CancĂșn, Asturias, Toronto… Increasingly, we have been joined by friends and colleagues from other disciplines and institutions. Anyone is very welcome, and we invite you to join us.

Since April, we have been meeting online, via Zoom (because it’s 2020), to talk, discuss readings, listen to invited speakers, and experiment with the possibilities of this new medium in the strange situation that is the present. Feel free to have a beer on hand, as we would in the “real” Koerner’s.

For more information, contact us at virtualkoerners@gmail.com.

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