Week 10

March 19-21 “Appropriation Workshop”


  • Enact a critical outlook as visual readers, recognizing how meaning is cultivated and perpetuated through representation.
  • Produce ethical, informed, multi-dimensional, work that is situated in contemporary concerns.
  • Identify the characteristics of medium towards the interpretation of an image, in order to make informed material choices for their own work.


Appropriation Critique – As with the midterm, I will use this class to conduct a training critique for the students preparing them for Appropriation critiques online and in class next week.


Artist Workshop (45 minutes)

Please come up with ways to discuss appropriated moving artworks with your class.  You can have them dissect work from lecture or links below, or other ways you can uncover this idea towards helping them think about appropriation in a more critical way.  What ideologies and meanings do certain footage/artifacts carry?  How have artists revealed these ideologies and made us question it?  Please feel free to add art work suggestions in the post reply box!

Example Video Works:

Take a break

Peer Review (45 minutes)

As in Week 6, have the students look at one another’s works and give feedback.

Homework Reminders

  • The rest of the online Modules are due March 14, end of day.
  • Appendix Video “Chronology” is a recommendation, there are no quiz questions as it is optional
  • Final Projects need to be critiqued on ComPAIR by March 21, end of day.
  • Final Projects are due next week and the week after!

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