Rural Reflections #2

Inspiring Unique Moments of WKTEP:
Sarah’s Visual Journal Entry: New Denver Beach

Watercolour paint and drawing ink, Visual Journal Entry, Sarah McQueen 2013

The inland waterfront in New Denver was a pleasant reminder for me of home on the
coast with the large mountains, dark waters, and a rocky shoreline. Our first visit to New
Denver was an overnight stay on our way to a professional development day with School District 10 (Arrow Lakes) held in Burton with the energetic and motivational duo, Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser. Our second visit was passing through it on our way to and from Edgewood Elementary School, staying overnight in Nakusp before returning the next day. We went to New Denver two more times to visit Lucerne Elementary Secondary School facilitated by Terry Taylor. Once to observe the multi-age classes and the second time to visit the secondary students as they were working with filmmakers to make documentaries in an ArtsStarts grant program.

Sarah McQueen, WKTEP Teacher Candidate, 2012-13

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