WKTEP Graduate Enjoys Her New Class

Melissa Dalgaard, a WKTEP graduate from last year’s cohort, shares some thoughts and pictures about her new job at Bastion Elementary School in School District 83.

“I have managed to successfully complete the first two weeks of school and am loving it! I have 29 students in my Grade 5 French Immersion class (14 girls and 15 boys) and my classroom is in an annex…There are only two other classrooms in the annex, which are also Grade 5 classes, so it is pretty quiet. I am the youngest teacher on staff and am one of five upper intermediate teachers in the school.

“The school is K-5 and has about 420 students, 30 of whom bus, 75 walk/ride a bike, and the rest get driven to and from the school. The schools catchment area is the North Broadview area of Salmon Arm but because it is the only elementary school in SD 83 that offers French Immersion we get students from all over.”


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