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WRDS is part of the UBC School of Journalism, Writing, and Media. We teach 2,000 students each year in 400 sections of our flagship course: WRDS 150. This is a course aimed at introducing the student to the culture of academic research and writing. Students produce original research projects and literature review projects that are submitted at the end of the term.

It has been our practice to hold an undergraduate research conference at the end of the school year to showcase the very best student projects either in the form of conference presentations or as posters. It is a fun event, giving students a taste of the research conference genre and rewarding them for their term-long efforts with a nice line on their CV.

This year, in light of the ongoing COVID-19 situation, it was not feasible for us to hold such a large, indoor, in person event in 2020. As a replacement, we are giving students the opportunity to present their work in the form of profiles here on the WRDS website. The profiles contains information on students and their projects.

While we will hold an online conference for students in 2022, we will continue to post profiles throughout the 2021-22 school year.

Student Projects

Incentives for Human Capital Accumulation
Isabela Lucas Bruxellas

KEYWORDS: Brazil; Human Capital; Poverty

Bloomberg’s Candidacy: An Analysis of Stop-and-Frisk Rhetoric
Curtis Holt-Robinson

KEYWORDS: U.S. Politics; Policing; Stop-and-Frisk

New Age Spirituality as a Response to Colonial Confusion
Ethan Shapiro

KEYWORDS: New Age Spirituality, Colonialism, Intertemporal Connectedness, Symbolic Immortality, Terror Management

Far from a Fairy Tale: Struggles of Working Women in Korean Dramas
Andrea Bilawich

KEYWORDS: Korean Dramas, Media, Society, Women, Career

The Social Plague: Analyzing the Rise of Cancel Culture
Nikki Laude

KEYWORDS: Cancel Culture, Social Media, Accountability, User Participation

Self-control in Flow States
Gabriella Williams

KEYWORDS: Self-control, Flow States, Impulse Inhibition, Skill Acquisition

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