This website was created as part of ENGL 301, Technical Writing. This course is composed of four units, aimed to introduce students to writing in business, professional, and technical contexts. The duration of this course is four months, Sept-Dec 2019.

The first unit of this course introduces students to the principles of technical and business writing. Students form teams to work collaboratively on a Team Forum and focus on a distinctive genre of technical writing for gain a better understanding of it. In the second unit, students begin to work on the first stage of the formal report project by writing and peer-reviewing a report proposal. They will also begin building a social networking strategy by exploring LinkedIn and online resume building. In unit three, students continue work on the formal report, with the objective to have a formal outline completed and peer-reviewed. As well, they will create a full job-application package tailored to a real-world job opening, volunteer position, or graduate school. In unit four, students finalize their formal reports by incorporating the lessons they’ve learned, and further develop their social networking strategies.

This course will be extremely helpful to me, not only because the social media strategy and resume folio will be directly applicable to my professional career, but also because of the writing skills I am hoping to develop! I find myself finding new ways to update my resume or modify my LinkedIn each year, but I am limited to my own perspective when it comes to fine-tuning the details that make my professional image stand out. I believe that the way something is presented and marketed is very important, and that this fact also applies to job candidates. I am really looking forward to building my online presence, receiving feedback from my peers, and increasing my chances of getting good job offers!