Paper or Internet?

I have recently read on Melissa Wu’s blog “the gradual extinction”, and in this article she indicates that the non-digital service is gradually moving into extinction. The Canadian telephone directory publisher Yellow Media Ltd recently announced to cuts 10% of its workforce as they are moving into digital and dropping the traditional pint and legacy area of business.

A now many of the publishers are suffering because of the fast developing technology world. The users have switched to online searching engine like Google Inc.  where they can access the information they need faster and easier. As for advertising companies, they have now chosen to advertise online, where holds a larger number of potential consumers, and further decreasing the revenue for director publishers.  However, based on Melissa’s researching, Yellow Media has seem to have an increase in the value of their shares.\

 I completely agree with her that currently there’s a rapid growth in e-commerce and digital services. The technology-based platforms have become more and more dominant in where we receive our information.  Companies should be flexible with the business they do and keep up with the consistently changing world.


“The gradual extinction” by Melissa Wu. Nov, 17, 2013 <>

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