WestJet connecting Canada with Europe

Chris Sorensen’s blog “ WestJet bound for Europe” describes that WestJet decides to open up a transatlantic airline between St. John’s and Dublin next spring in 2014.  This is the first flight WestJet connecting Canada and Europe.  As the airline’s vice-president Chris Avery states, ““WestJet’s innovative foray into the European market represents a willingness to do what it takes to connect Canadians to the world while bringing the world to Canada,” and the reason they chose Dublin is because there has flights to over 100 cities in Europe at a low cost.

This Calgary- based airline’s new decision actually surprised me since we have once discussed in comm 101 about how WestJet prefers only using the flight model Boeing 737s, because running a single flight model reduces the cost; it’s a very good and smart managing strategy.  However in Sorensen’s blog, he explains that WestJet will overhaul its cabins to include business class and premium economy tickets as they change into bigger, wider aircrafts like Boeing 767 or 787.  The higher price of the business classes is the major revenue for a flight company on oversea flights. Such change of WestJet shows us their ambition to move into international airline companies and become a serious player, and as Sorensen writes, “there will be more changes”.


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