Yik Yak: The next big thing?

Yik Yak is a new app which has taken the internet world by storm. Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app which allows users to create and view posts, similarly to Twitter. However, what separates this app from other apps on the App Store like Twitter, is that Yik Yak  only shows posts which have been created within your general vicinity. For example if you were to check the app at UBC you would see a bunch of posts related to the campus and students life as well. The posts are up to 200 characters max and the content of these posts range from tips for students, jokes and even confessions as well. Whenever someone creates a post you can leave comments on the post or even give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. The app is quickly gaining popularity at UBC and it won’t be long before it spreads.

Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post

Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post


I found out about Yik Yak through a friend when we were hanging out after a class and I was instantly hooked. There was something about the app that just dragged me in and before I knew it I was constantly checking to see if there was a new post. After I proceeded to show all my other friends and before they knew it they were hooked too. Judging by its addictiveness and simple design, it is no wonder why this new app is taking the world by storm. The best part is, Yik Yak doesn’t even have to pay for advertising, the app is practically selling itself. Moving forward Yik Yak should continue to find new ways to improve their app in a way that will attract even more users while at the same time keeping this unique idea apparent. It won’t be long before Yik Yak is seen among some of the app stores most popularly downloaded apps.

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