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Available Positions:

Catering Manager

  • The Catering Manager takes orders from a variety of clubs around campus and caters to their specific needs (baked goods, soups, sandwiches, drinks, etc)

Finance Manager

  • The Finance Manager works with all members of the café and LFS Finance to ensure that Agora Café remains a sustainable, not-for-profit business meaning that payments are processed correctly; profits exceed costs, and the café financials run smoothly on a day to day basis.

Fundraising Manager

  • This role is quite flexible and involves coming up with projects and plans to fundraise for new equipment for the cafe.

Inventory Manager

  • The Inventory Manager is required to take a weekly stock of inventory and to make orders from our suppliers to meet the requirements of the cafe, including prep-shift and catering needs.

Prep Shift Manager

  • The Prep Shift Manager organizes or designs vegetarian recipes each week and guides teams of prep-shift volunteers in preparing them.

Secretarial Manager

  • The Secretarial Manager keeps everyone informed, organized, and up-to-date by recording meeting minutes and booking meeting rooms, sending out weekly newsletters, responding to daily emails, and overseeing the registration of food safe courses.

Social Coordinator

  • The Social Coordinator creates a fun atmosphere for volunteers at the cafe by planning appreciation/social events for executive members and for the volunteers of the cafe, improving volunteer satisfaction, and improving the presence of the cafe.
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