FoodSafe Classes!

Hey everyone!

For those wondering the dates for FoodSafe Level 1 it has been booked! Saturday September 21 and Sunday September 22 from 9am to 5pm. 50 participants max for classes!

Details on price and when to sign up will be released later but mark those dates down!

Volunteer at Agora Cafe!

Hey everyone!

Do you want to volunteer at Agora Cafe this year? Good news! We are accepting volunteers now!

Please fill out the application form [here] and on Sept 3rd you will receive an email regarding your application as well as info about the mandatory volunteer training day.

Due date is Sept 1st so fill it out quickly and enjoy your summer!

Under Construction!

Hi everyone!

Starting now the Agora blogsite will be undergoing some reformatting.we apologize for any inconvenience and shock if some aspects have changed during this change.

But don’t worry! The construction will end once September hits!

Until then have an awesome summer!