Topic 4: Forest Governance in Action

Background Readings

Cowling, P., DeValue, K., & Rosenbaum, K. (2014). Assessing forest governance: A practical guide to data collection, analysis and use. Washington DC: PROFOR and FAO. Retrieved from

Maidell, M., Cheney, E., & Rametsteiner, E. (2012). A common framework to assess and monitor forest governance. ETFRN News, 53, April 2012. Retrieved from

Video Cases

For TOPIC 4: Forest Governance in Action, we provide three (3) cases of forest governance activities that demonstrate the pillars and principles of good governance. In the first video, we present how FLEGT voluntary partnership agreements contribute to effective forest governance. Meanwhile, the other two videos present REDD+ cases from Nepal and Brazil showing how REDD+ experiences achieve the goals of SFM.

1. European Forest Institute. (n.d.). Fighting illegal logging: FLEGT voluntary partnership agreements.


2. The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). (2012). REDD+ for green communities: Lesson from a pilot project in Nepal.


3. Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). (2013). Land tenure and REDD+: Lessons from Brazil.


Self-directed Reflection Activity

Task and Instructions

Fill in the Matrix (Framework for Assessment of Forest Governance). Using the Pillars and Principles of Good Governance as a guide, assess the cases of REDD+ in either NEPAL or BRAZIL. Kindly put a check mark inside the box if you think, for example, the planning and decision-making process (as a pillar of good governance) was accountable, effective, efficient, and so on (principles of good governance) in Nepal or Brazil based on the videos you have watched for this topic. Kindly put an X inside if it is otherwise.

You are also expected to explain your answer in the blank spaces provided in the sheet.

After you prepare your answer, you are encouraged to share it online in the Knowledge Café for this course to engage in self-directed forum discussions with other students for answers to this question.