Topic 1: Introduction to Forestry for Community Development

Background Readings

Gregersen, H. M. (1988). People, trees and rural development: The role of social forestry. Journal of Forestry, (10)1, 22-30.

Kirchhofer J., & Mercer, E. (1986). Putting social and community forestry in perspective in the Asia Pacific. In S. Fujisaka, P. Sajise, & R. del Castillo (Eds.) Man, agriculture and the tropical forest. Change and development in the Philippine uplands. Bangkok: Winrock International Institute for Agricultural Development.

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Video Lectures

Please view the follow video lecture for Module III Topic 1.

3.1 Evolution of Development Thinking in Forestry

Self-directed Test Questions

Describe how the major trends in “development thinking” (i.e. industrialization, basic needs approach, and sustainable development) influenced the direction of forestry development in general, and the evolution of social forestry in particular.

View an exemplary video below and prepare your own answer to the questions.