Topic 2: Forestry as a Development Intervention

Background Readings

Roberts, R. W., & Fing, R.P. (1990). Social forestry: Definitions and research needs. In Proceedings of IUFRO’s Conference on Science in Forestry: IUFRO’s Second Century, 5-11 August 1990, Montreal, Canada.

Rebugio, L. L. (1985). Social forestry as a resource system. Occasional Papers in Social Forestry, Occasional Paper No. 4, Department of Social Forestry and Forest Governance. College of Forestry and Natural Resources, University of the Philippines Los Baños, College, Laguna, Philippines.

Video Lectures

Please view the follow video lecture for Module III Topic 2.

3.2 Forestry as a Development Intervention

Self-directed Test Questions

How can social forestry become a development intervention in your respective country? What are the reinforcing/facilitating and limiting factors which affected the practice or initiation of social forestry in your country?

View an exemplary video below and prepare your own answer to the questions.