Meet your instructor

Instructor: Juan Pulhin

Hello! My name is Juan Pulhin (you can call me John), and I am your instructor for this course.
I am currently the Dean of College of Forestry and Natural Resources in the University of the Philippines Los Baños. My expertise are in social forestry and forest governance, human geography, and climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation. I started working as a researcher in the Forest Development Center, a basic policy researching unit in the College for forestry policy formulation and implementation. I then entered the Department of Social Forestry and Forest Governance as faculty, and later became its Chair in 1998.
Currently, I am involved in various research projects which aim to promote sustainable forest management. I also uphold Jack Westoby’s famous quote, “Forestry is not about trees, it is about people. It is only about trees insofar as trees meet the needs of the people.” Thus, I am firmly pushing to its extent the importance of the human dimension in forestry, particularly in sustainable forest management.