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How to get started?   Good day! Thank you for visiting our course website on forest governance, public relations, and community development. For a brief overview about the course, please click Start Here Menu à Welcome Message. This contains helpful information on how to take and advance in the course.

I would like to introduce myself to you. Please click Start Here Menu -> Meet your instructor.

How to navigate and search the course site?   The following are the major tabs on the header of the course website: Start Here (leftmost tab), Overview (second tab), Module I (third tab), Module II (fourth tab), and Module III (fifth tab). Once you click on a top menu tab, a left-menu will appear to show you the submenu for the content area or learning module.

On the rightmost side of the banner is a symbol of magnifying glass or the search tab. You may click the symbol and type keywords for easy searching of the course’s content.

Where to find general course information like course syllabus, schedule, etc.? The third tab shows the Overview Menu for the course. Once clicked, it will show you the following:

  • Course Syllabus
  • Course Description
  • Course Format
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Materials
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Structure
  • Course Evaluation
  • Technical Requirements
  • Development Team

You may click the corresponding tabs on the left side to navigate between pages.

How the course is structured/ What is the typical module learning sequence?   The course is divided into three modules about forest governance, public relations, and community development. Each module is divided into the following: 1) Module Introduction; 2) Module Objectives; 3) Topic (maximum of four topics); 4) Module Summary.

Meanwhile, each topic contains links on background readings you need to download for your reference. These will aid you in understanding each module topic before watching the video lecture. Each topic also contains self-directed test or reflection activity so you can evaluate the knowledge you acquired from the lectures.

Where to go to take online self-tests or to do self-directed reflection activities?   We encourage you to do the self-directed test or self-reflection activities! Each module contains self-directed tests and reflection activities. Just click Module 1/2/3 -> Topics 1/2/3/4 -> Self-Directed Test or Reflection Activity
Where to go to participant in self-directed online discussions? The self-directed reflection activities in the following specific modules encourage you to participate in our online forum which we call The Knowledge Café.

  • Module 1 -> Topic 2 -> Self-directed reflection 
  • Module 1 -> Topic 4 -> Self-directed reflection 
  • Module 2 -> Topic 2 -> Self-directed reflection
  • Module 2 -> Topic 3 -> Self-directed reflection
  • Module 3 -> Topic 2 -> Self-directed reflection

Please be guided by the following to contribute to the Knowledge Café:

  1. Click the Knowledge Café link on the top menu bar.
  2. Use the Login Information to signup the course Knowledge Café.
  3. Read the ‘Welcome to the course café’ announcement post.
  4. Post your self-introduction in the ‘Self-intro’ folder.
  5. Use the following folders to post your contributions to module reflection questions:
  • reflect_m1t2: to share answers to Module 1 Topic 2 reflection questions
  • reflect_m1t4: to share answers to Module 1 Topic 4 reflection questions
  • reflect_m2t2: to share answers to Module 2 Topic 2 reflection questions
  • reflect_m2t3: to share answers to Module 2 Topic 3 reflection questions
  • reflect_m3t1: to share answers to Module 3 Topic 1 reflection questions
  • reflect_m3t2: to share answers to Module 3 Topic 2 reflection questions
  • reflect_m3t3: to share answers to Module 3 Topic 3 reflection questions
  • reflect_m3t4: to share answers to Module 3 Topic 4 reflection questions
How to keep on track? Keep on track by using our suggested schedule! We will provide you the suggested week allotment for each part of the module. To download our suggested course schedule, please click: Overview -> Course Schedule