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Author: Jill

June is Stroke Awareness Month

Check out our friends promoting Aphasia Awareness: 1) Wendy Duke on Breakfast Television 2) SRABC’s 7 Steps to Stroke Recovery

Fishing Update

Jeff caught Spring salmon 24 lbs!     Nice fish.     Nice fish Gord, 11 lbs.     In…

June is Aphasia Awareness Month

And our friend Megan Sutton wrote a post: http://community.advanceweb.com/blogs/sp_6/archive/2014/05/27/aphasia-recovery-connection.aspx Check it out!

Laurie’s Rockin’ Vegetarian Chili

Our awesome volunteer, Laurie, made us a great vegetarian chili for our last meeting of the year. Here is the…


Bruce keeps impressing the group with his increased sentence length and presentations! Today, he shared information about his weekend, and…

Practicum Student Questions

Hello! This is Danyl Beilhartz and Holly Rutherford. We are second year speech-language pathology students at UBC. We are now…

Aphasia Software Finder

APHASIA SOFTWARE FINDER http://www.aphasiasoftwarefinder.org    A Free Online Resource for People with Aphasia and communication needs   Aim: To help…

Bilingualism & Aphasia

Our wonderful volunteer (and student), Laurie, gave us an excellent presentation on bilingualism and aphasia today. This topic is of…

More Tips for Talking with People with Aphasia

One of our practicum students shared this link with us today – check it out!

Causes of Aphasia

Lola gave an excellent presentation on causes of aphasia today.   She made a model of the brain, using Xmas…

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