The Aphasia Mentors Program is a community-based program, providing opportunities for PWA in the community to participate in the education of BC’s future healthcare professionals.

The UBC SASS Aphasia Mentoring Program began in 2010 after many community members with aphasia and their families expressed a desire for collaboration with SASS. An advisory board was established, focus groups were held, and the Aphasia Mentoring Program officially began as a pilot project in September 2010.

The program runs over 3 Terms:

  • September – December;
  • January – April;
  • May – June.

Approximately 22 people with aphasia (PWA) attend the program weekly, supporting the growth and learning of the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences’ SLP and Audiology students.

Following introductions and announcements, the large group divides into the three small groups, based on interests. The themes of these smaller conversation groups rotate each term. Examples of small groups within the Aphasia Mentors Program include:

  • Book Group
  • Music Discussion
  • Photography Group
  • Debate Group
  • iPad Group
  • Current Events Group

For a more detailed handout of this information, please click here.