Bilingualism & Aphasia

Our wonderful volunteer (and student), Laurie, gave us an excellent presentation on bilingualism and aphasia today. This topic is of particular interest to both Laurie and several of our group members, and we were really looking forward to it.

Laurie did another great job.

She taught us about the types of impairment and recovery currently seen in people who are bilingual and acquire aphasia.

Thanks Laurie!

Causes of Aphasia

Lola gave an excellent presentation on causes of aphasia today.


She made a model of the brain, using Xmas lights.

Light bulbs = neurons

White wire = connection between neurons

Focal or diffuse damage = one light bulb damage or many lights on both sides

Causes of aphasia handout (click here)

And here is a picture of the brain our group liked:

Sentence Shaper


Our current practicum students are doing really excellent work helping a mentor use Sentence Shaper.

They have incorporated cues into their sessions very well, and have also started recording the messages to our mentor’s iPhone so that he can use them in public.