Laurie’s Rockin’ Vegetarian Chili

Our awesome volunteer, Laurie, made us a great vegetarian chili for our last meeting of the year.

Here is the recipe, along with her alterations:

“I added fresh ginger and canned corn, played with bean varieties (e.g. added chickpeas to one and subbed lentils in for the other), dropped in liquid smoke, and kind of just tinkered with spices rather than measuring, but this is basically it”.
Thanks Laurie!



Bruce keeps impressing the group with his increased sentence length and presentations!

Today, he shared information about his weekend, and clarified some Anmore topography issues for us ūüėČ

Gord’s Blogs Fishing and Sports: Oct. 2, Last fishing “The Caps”, 2013

The Capilano River calls “The Caps”.¬† The Lions Gates bridge a car¬†look down Capilano River and boat between 40 – 100.¬† The fishing Coho between 3.5 – 9 pounds and white Spring between 5.5 – 11 pounds.¬† The¬†odds¬†“Red” Spring salmon between upward 30+!¬† Sept. 2 call Labour Day between Sept 21 calls the “hot spots” English Bay.¬† “The Bells” a¬†big Spring can provided upward 30 + pounds.¬†¬†The Spainish Bank¬†South side the Bells.

Dave one of charters 10 big Spring on Aug. 27, he 5 licence ( limit 2 per perons).   Dimitri Roussanidis charters went out on Sept. 16 caught 5 big Spring salmon from T Р10.  Brian aboad Robballa caught 18 Spring red too, 2 Coho 7 pounds Sept. 17 the Caps.  Bonnie Lee Charter Blue boat Guy had 2 day well Spring Salmon and Coho.

Since today¬†Oct 2 the “hot spots” are the Bells¬†side English Bay odds big Spring 30 + pounds and Coho between 6 – 14 pounds.¬† North Arms between T – 10 the odds Spring salmon and Coho between 6 – 10 pounds.¬† The Sandsheads South Arm¬†Fraser River the odds big Spring salmon and Coho between 6 – 14 pounds.

This a Gord see Hockey seasons.

Gord’s Fishing & Sports Blogs: No. 6

We are talk about hot spots Trasher Rock on June 8 and 9 weekend.¬† ¬†2 hours early morning bite some big one but bite small fish.¬† Dave abourd “Solowavs” landed a 15 lbs and¬†couple small.¬† I heard a 23 pound spring¬†on Entrance¬†Island.

Then happy father day Sunday, June 16.  I sea clam fishing all alone.  Fish hook on motor slow and reel screened.  Three time run screened!  One hour landed, on head sheald and motor stop.  She small head, red too!   (see photograph)

Open House

What: Our group mentors will explain what we do and showcase some of our activities

When: Thursday, May 30th from 10:30 a.m. -12:30 p.m.

Where: 3rd floor of the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences building (2177 Wesbrook Mall)

Who: 1) For professionals and family members who want to learn about our program, and  2) People with aphasia who might me interested in joining our program

Reminder: Our group participation criteria is that 1) Mentors are at least 1 year post-stroke, living with chronic aphasia, and are looking to participate in community activities, and 2) Mentors want to teach health care students about their experience.     Click here for more information.

Please R.S.V.P.

See you there!