February Biorenewables Café

by Valdeir Arantes ~ January 17th, 2013. Filed under: Upcoming Café.

Our next Biorenewables Cafe will be on February 12th at the Railway Club from 6:30pm-8:00pm. The speaker for the evening will be Paul Torriero, Chief Executive Office at Highbury Energy.


Producing a successful business from early stage has its challenges. The fact that your company is producing green, sustainable energy or products, puts you now into an interesting world. Along with the traditional issues faced by early stage companies, accessing government grants and services are becoming more competitive and is exacerbated by a government that is ranked last in the G8 for supporting green/sustainable companies. Developing skills to communicate the value of your company to conservative large industry partners and enticing risk avers investors is critical. I will attempt to discuss the current situation surrounding Highbury Energy Inc’s particular type of biomass to chemicals technology (gasification) and what we did to differentiate and separate ourselves technologically from the current gasification technologies out there and how this has been driven by fundamental economics. I will touch upon financing a business and briefly discuss our business strategy going forward. I will also include some of my learnings that I have picked up in my time in this sector.


Paul Torriero – Chief Executive Officer
Paul Torriero has twenty years of experience in marketing, banking, project financing, hospitality service and tourism, and more than ten years of experience serving as a company executive. He has also founded several private companies that provide marketing and management services. read more

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  1.   Don Furseth

    Sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to it.

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