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Emotional Educational Gaming- Module 3 (Post 1)

The Indigenous believe of experience and emotion being keys cogs in the acquisition of wisdom/knowledge is possible when the necessary experiences are available to the educator, as was seen on the Fraser River journey. However, in classrooms or other more traditional learning environments, “gamification” makes simulating experiential learning a possibility. This webpage created through UBC provides in-depth information on gamification for emotional development, and also links to “The Things We Carry” which represents a step in game design that has the potential to give students immersive, accessible and place-based lessons in emotional intelligence.



Module 3.4

Tools and Strategies for Managing Penans’ Indigenous Botanical Knowledge

tools and strategies for managing Penans indegenous botanical knowledge

The short paper talks about the Etoro project that is based on the tradition of toro where a youngster goes on a quest or journey with an elder in order to learn about the jungle (which is integral to their life). It is a knowledge sharing and mentoring journey in which younger Penan are initiated in to adulthood. With the disappearance of the jungle and a movement from nomadic to settled existence the Etoro was designed to simulate the journey for youngsters in order to keep the tradition alive while still passing on knowledge to the younger generation and grooming them to become the knowledge repositories of the future and thus the “future guardians of the rainforest”.