Conference Papers

(since 1990)

Ley, D. 2015. The property state revisited: the place of homeownership in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and beyond. Keynote address, AAG, Chicago, April.

Ley, D. 2014. Discussant, Laing Lectures, The Condition of Decadence, Regent College, October.

Ley, D. 2014. Critical moments in Vancouver’s housing market. Invited presentation to the annual conference of the Canadian Economics Association, Vancouver, June.

Ley, D. 2014. ‘The world’s favourite property market’: Housing and austerity in London (UK). Presented to the annual conference of the CAG, Brock Univ., St. Catherines, Ont., May.

Ley, D. 2014. Panelist, “Canada’s cosmopolis on the coast: How immigration has reshaped Metropolitan Vancouver”. Planning the Metropolitan Vancouver Region: A Critical Perspective, Vancouver, April.

Ley, D. 2013. Discussant of Suleiman Osman’s paper ‘Gentrification and the death and life of American cities’. Gentrification and the City, SFU Downtown Speaker Series, Vancouver, November.

Dwyer, C., Ley, D. and Tse, J. 2013. ‘Highway to Heaven’: the creation of a multicultural, religious landscape in suburban Richmond, British Columbia. Presented to the Global Suburbanisms Conference, Toronto, September.

Ley, D. 2013. Gentrification in Hong Kong? Paper presented to the annual conference of the Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, April.

Ley, D. 2013. Author meets the critics: John Western’s Cosmopolitan Europe. Panelist at the annual conference of the Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles, April.

Ley, D. 2012. Discussant at the Workshop on the Diaspora Strategies of Migrant-Sending Countries, National University of Singapore, November.

Ley, D. 2012. ‘Social polarisation in Greater Vancouver, 1970-2005’. Presentation to Innes College, University of Toronto, June.

Lynch, N. and Ley, D. 2012. ‘Divisions and Disparities in Lotus Land’. Poster presentation to the Meeting of Lower Mainland Neighbourhood Houses, Vancouver, February.

Ley, D. 2011. “How well are we doing? Re-examining some core understandings of immigration in Canada”, Keynote address to the 8th. Trudeau Conference on ‘The Making of Citizens’, Halifax, November.

Ley, D. 2011. “Masters of space or prisoners of space? Locating the neoliberal migrant”, Keynote address to the conference, Migration, Globalization and New Social Formations, Bergen, Norway, November.

Ley, D. 2011. “Gentrification in Hong Kong?” Paper presented to the annual conference of the CAG, Calgary, June.

Ley, D. 2011. “Millionaire Migrants: Lessons for immigration policy today” Invited presentation to Metropolis BC, Vancouver, May.

Ley, D. 2011. “Immigrant social cohesion in Canada: Is it working? Why is it working?” Invited keynote address to the conference, Generating Tolerance and Social Cohesion, Lisbon, April.

Ley, D. 2011. “Author meets the critics: David Ley’s Millionaire Migrants” Invited panel presenter at the annual conference of the AAG , Seattle, April.

Ley, D. 2011. “Multiculturalism as integration”. Paper presented to the 13th. National Metropolis Conference, Vancouver, March.

Ley, D. 2011. “Author meets the critics: Nick Blomley’s Rights of Passage: Sidewalks are for Pedestrians ”. Panelist at the Law and Society Seminar Series, UBC, March.

Ley, D. 2010. “Immigrant Vancouver: from caste to class in socio-spatial differentiation?” Invited Paper to the Conference on Immigration to Multi-Ethnic Societies, Taipei, December.

Ley, D. 2010. “Integration of immigrants into host societies: multiculturalism and other approaches” invited panellist in the conference, Constructing Successful Societies: Social Changes and Policy Innovations in Canada, Japan and South Korea, Vancouver, October, Asia Pacific Foundation.

Ley, D. 2010. “Transnationalism integrates, transnationalism separates: reviewing conflicting evidence” Paper presented to the annual meeting of the RGS-IBG, London, September.

Ley, D. 2010. “Embodied real estate: bearing Hong Kong to Canada” Paper presented to the annual meeting of the Canadian Association of Geographers, Regina, June.

Ley, D. 2010. “What’s vital about revitalizing neighbourhoods?” Invited Panel member, UBC Alumni Dialogue, 319 Club, Downtown Eastside, Vancouver, May.

Ley, D. 2010. “Homo Religiosus? Religion and immigrant subjectivities” Invited keynote address to the Geography of Religion and Belief Systems Specialty Group, AAG Conference, Washington DC, April.

Ley, D. 2010. “Millionaire migrants: the case of male downward mobility” Invited plenary address, Metropolis Conference, Montreal, March.

Ley, D. 2010. “Back to Hong Kong: concluding remarks” Invited presentation to Home Sweet Home: Return Migration to Hong Kong and its Implications, University of Toronto, February.

Ley, D. 2009. “Immigrants and service provision in the suburbs” Invited panellist at the conference on Globalization, Urbanization and Ethnicity, Ottawa, December 2009.

Ley, D. 2009. ‘Social mixing; Gentrification in la longue dureé’ Invited address to the ESRC Gentrification Seminar, London, June.

Ley, D. 2009. ‘Recruiting talents: lessons for Canadian policy-makers’ Invited address to the Armchair Discussion series, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Ottawa, June.

Ley, D. 2009. ‘Retention of economic migrants: an immigration priority’ Invited presentation to the panel on immigration priorities, IRPP, Ottawa, June.

Ley, D. 2009. ‘Immigrants in space: transnational moments between Vancouver and Hong Kong’ Presented to the Canadian Anthropological Society/ American Ethnographic Society Conference, Vancouver, May.

Ley, D. 2009. “The Metropolis project’ Panelist, Association of American Geographers Conference, Las Vegas, March.

Ley, D. 2009. ‘Millionaire migrants, transnational circulation, and urban transformation’ Invited keynote address to the graduate conference on Pacific Mobilities, Singapore, March.

Ley, D. 2008. ‘The Chinese diaspora and transnational research’ Presented to the Association of American Geographers, Boston, April.

Ley, D. 2008. ‘Reading Arun Saldanha’s Psychedelic White’ Presented to the Association of American Geographers, Boston, April.

Ley, D. 2008. ‘Immigrant poverty in Canadian cities’ Invited expert testimony to the Canadian Senate, Committee on Poverty and Social Development Ottawa, March.

Ley, D. 2008. ‘The new inner city’ Invited keynote address to the symposium, Planning Urbanity: Life, Work and Space in the ‘New Downtown’, Hamburg, Germany, March.

Ley, D. 2007. ‘Round Table on Circular Migration’ Panelist for workshop organised by Multiculturalism and Immigration Branch, Province of BC, Vancouver, 10th December.

Ley, D. 2007. ‘Is multiculturalism a cosmopolitan ideology?’ Presented to the Conference on Cosmopolitan Civil Societies, Sydney, October.

Ley, D. and Teo, S-Y. 2007. ‘From Canada to China: Has Hong Kong established a model for other PRC returnees?’ Presented to the 12th. International Metropolis Conference, Melbourne, October.

Hiebert, D. and Ley, D. 2007. “Who is transnational?’ Presented to the 12th. International Metropolis Conference, Melbourne, October. Ley, D. 2007. ‘After multiculturalism? Dilemmas of managing cultural diversity’. Invited keynote presentation to the Semaine Doctorale de Geographie, Morat, Switzerland, May.

Ley, D. 2007. ‘Millionaire migrants: Transnational circulation and urban transformation’ Invited Brown Day Lecture to the Department of Geography, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, April.

Ley, D. and Dobson C. 2007. ‘Can gentrification be stopped?’ Presented to the Annual Meeting of American Geographers, San Francisco, April.

Ley, D. 2007.’Building a civil society in a culturally diverse global city’ Keynote address presented to the University of Toronto-City of Toronto Roundtable, Prosperity and Opportunity in Toronto: Getting It Right’, Toronto, April.

Ley, D. 2007 ‘The confusing housing market of a global city’ Invited presentation to the 3rd.Urban Forum on Housing Sustainability, UBC-O, Kelowna, March.

Smith, H. and Ley, D. 2007, ‘Concentrated urban poverty; the immigration-gentrification nexus’ Presented to the 9th. National Metropolis Conference, Toronto, March.

Ley, D. 2006. ‘Overseas Canadians: Issues in trans-national migration’ Invited address to the Asia-Pacific Summit 2006, Vancouver, November.

Ley, D. 2006. ‘Urban vitality, urban renewal: how immigrants are transforming cities’. Invited plenary presentation to the 11th. International Metropolis Conference, Lisbon, October.

Ley, D. 2006. ‘”White flight” from immigrant cities?’ Presented to the 11th. International Metropolis Conference, Lisbon, October.

Ley, D. and Hiebert, D. 2006. ‘Who is transnational? Exploring immigrant transnational activities in Canada’. IGU Conference, Brisbane, July.

Ley, D. 2006. ‘Multiculturalism muzzled? A Canadian perspective’ Invited presentation to the IMISCOE International Workshop, Reassessing Multiculturalism in Europe, Oxford (June-July)

Ley, D. 2006. ‘Transnationalism contra Portes?’, presented to the Pacific Northwest Immigration Symposium, Vancouver (May).

Ley, D. 2006. ‘Canada as a competitor in the global market for immigrants’. Invited plenary presentation to the 8th. National Metropolis Conference, Vancouver (March).

Smith, H. and Ley, D. 2006. ‘The immigrant experience of poverty in Canadian neighbourhoods of concentrated disadvantage’, presented to the annual conference of the Association of American Geographers, Chicago (March).

Ley, D. 2005. ‘Mistaken identity: Multiculturalism and Chinese-Canadian urban landscapes”, presented to the 10th. International Metropolis Conference, Toronto (October).

Ley, D. 2005. ‘Managing diversity in Canadian cities’ Invited presentation to “Diversity and Canada’s Future’, Institute for Research on Public Policy, Montebello, Quebec (October)

Ley, D. 2005. ‘Global citizenship and cosmopolitanism: Challenges in ascending the spatial scales of identity’. Invited plenary presentation to ‘The Meanings of Global Citizenship’, sponsored by the Trudeau and Gordon Foundations, Vancouver (September)

Ley, D. 2005. ‘The boundaries of racism’ presented to the Royal Geographical Society/Institute of British Geographers Conference, London (September).

Ley, D. 2005. ‘Mistaken identity: Re-thinking Chinatowns’, presented to the 5th. Cultural Diversity Conference, Beijing (July).

Ley, D. 2005. ‘The Business Immigration Program: What really happens’, invited presentation to the Canadian Embassy, Beijing (June)

Ley, D. 2005. ‘The integration of wealthy Hong Kong and Taiwanese immigrants into the cities of Vancouver and Toronto’, invited presentation to an international seminar sponsored by Tsinghua University and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Beijing (June)

Ley, D. 2005. ‘Mistaken identity: Re-thinking Chinatowns’, presented to the Canadian Association of Geographers, London, Ontario (June)

Ley, D. 2005. ‘Gateway cities and regional hinterlands: the problematic geography of diversity’. Invited address to the conference, “Politics and Ethnicity’, organised by the 21st. Century Trust and the Trudeau Foundation, Merton College, Oxford (April).

Ley, D. 2005. ‘Boundaries matter: Immigration regimes and business migrants in Canada and the United States’ Invited presentation to the symposium, ‘Homeland In-Security’, University of Oregon, Eugene (March).

Ley, D. 2005. “Post-Multiculturalism?” Invited presentation to the Immigration and Integration Workshop, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC (January)

Ley, D. 2004. “Constructing Chinatowns: Something old, something new”. Invited presentation to the Rethinking Chinatown Lecture Series, Green College, UBC (November)

Ley, D. 2004. “Immigration needs and public policy in Canadian municipalities” Invited presentation to the symposium, What is Good Public Policy in Canadian Municipalities? Ottawa (October)

Ley, D. 2004 “Back to Hong Kong: Return migration or transnational sojourn?” IFIMS, Liu Centre, UBC (October)

Ley, D. 2004. “Transnationalism and citizenship in Canada” Ninth International Metropolis Conference, Geneva (September)

Ley, D. 2004. “The neighbourhood is dead: Long live the neighbourhood!” Invited plenary address to the conference, Researching the Neighbourhood: Questions, Methods and Resources, University of Bristol, UK (May).

Ley, D. 2004 “The Chinese diaspora and immigration to Canada” Invited presentation to the Immigration and Integration Workshop, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington, DC (April)

Ley, D. 2004. “The political economy of business migration to Canada” Presenter to the PWIAS workshop, The Political Economy of Immigration, UBC, Vancouver (March)

Ley, D. 2004 “Immigrant churches: from bonding to bridging social capital” Invited plenary address to the Ethnic Geography Specialty Group, Association of American Geographers, Philadelphia (March)

Ley, D. 2004 “Mongrel Cities of the 21st. Century: a sympathetic critique” Author (Leonie Sandercock) meets the critics session, Association of American Geographers, Philadelphia (March).

Ley, D. 2004. “Transnational spaces and everyday lives” Invited presentation to the Urban and Regional Studies Seminar, University of New South Wales, Sydney (February)

Ley, D. 2004. “Return migration to Hong Kong” Presenter to the RIIM Partners Workshop, SFU, Vancouver (February)

Ley, D. 2003. “Offsetting immigration and domestic migration: Australian and Canadian perspectives on ‘an American dilemma’” Presentation to the Centre for Australasian Studies, UBC, Vancouver (October)

Ley, D. 2003. “Forgetting postmodernism?” Invited presentation to the Law and Society Seminar, University of Victoria (October)

Ley, D. 2003. “Perspectives for urban citizenship in multicultural immigrant societies” Invited panel presentation at plenary session, Eighth International Metropolis Conference, Vienna (September)

Ley, D. 2003. “Immigration and urbanisation in Canada” Invited presentation to the Finance Department, Government of Canada, Cornwall, Ont. (April)

Ley, D. 2003. “Forgetting postmodernism?” Invited Progress in Human Geography Lecture, Association of American Geographers, New Orleans (March)

Ley, D. 2003 “Return migration: another solution to immigrant concentration?” Presentation to the Sixth National Metropolis Conference, Edmonton (March)

Ley, D. 2002. “Immigration and the changing face of Canadian cities”. Invited address to the Eighth Ritsumeikan-UBC Seminar, Kyoto (November)

Ley, D. 2002. “Immigrant entrepreneurs: indicators of success” Invited seminar to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and the Province of BC (CAWS), Vancouver (November)

Ley, D. 2002. “Artists, aestheticisation and the field of gentrification” Invited plenary address to Upward Neighbourhood Trajectories: Gentrification in a New Century, Glasgow (September)

Ley, D. 2002. “Trans-Atlantic urban perspectives on immigrant/refugee settlement and integration” Workshop presenter, Seventh International Metropolis Conference, Oslo (September)

Ley, D. 2002. “The city as text: from graffiti kings to monster houses” Invited presentation to the Colloquium on Theology and the Built Environment, Calvin College, Grand Rapids, MI (September)

Ley, D. 2002. “Immigrant entrepreneurs: How good intentions may have bad outcomes” Annual Meeting of the Canadian Association of Geographers, Toronto (May)

Ley, D. 2002 “Offsetting immigration and domestic migration in gateway cities: Failure or success of multiculturalism?” Invited plenary address to Immigration and America’s Changing Ethnic Landscapes, University of Georgia, Athens (April)

Ley, D. 2002 “New divisions of labour and new housing classes: the service sector and metropolitan housing markets” PWIAS Workshop, Service Industries and Urban Change in the Asia-Pacific Region, Vancouver (March).

Ley D. and A. Kobayashi 2002. “Back to Hong Kong: return migration or a transnational sojourn?” Annual meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Los Angeles (March)

Ley, D. 2002. “Sydney and Vancouver as gateway cities for international migrants” Australian Studies of North America Conference, Vancouver (March)

Ley, D. 2001. “On immigration and domestic out-migration: possible causes of a troubling relationship” Sixth International Metropolis Conference, Rotterdam (November).

Ley, D. 2001. “Immigration and house price trajectories” Fifth National Metropolis Conference, Ottawa (October).

Ley, D. 2001. “Reviewing the underclass thesis in the context of recent immigration” Fifth National Metropolis Conference, Ottawa (October).

Ley, D. 2001. “Human geography as social geography: Do we all live in Åsby now?” Invited plenary presentation to the German Association of Geographers, Leipzig (October).

Ley, D. and L. Beattie 2001. “The German immigrant church in Canada: Service provision and identity formation” Invited presentation to the German Association of Geographers, Leipzig, October.

Ley, D. 2001. “Immigration and integration: recent themes in Greater Vancouver” Invited presentation to the Pacific Rim Workshop, Lewis Center, UCLA (August).

Ley, D. 2001. “Immigration and the new landscape of Canadian cities” IGU Urban Commission meeting, Calgary (August).

Ley, D. 2001. “Transnational Communities Seminar”, Princeton University (July) invited seminar discussant.

Ley, D. 2001 “New expressions of poverty in urban Canada” South-North Seminar, St. John’s College, UBC (July).

Ley, D. and J. Waters 2001. “Transnationalism and the geographical imperative” Annual conference of Canadian Geographers, Montreal (June).

Ley, D. 2001. “Business immigration and entrepreneurial activity in Canada” Conference on Chinese ethnic entrepreneurialism, Nijmegen, Netherlands (May).

Ley, D. 2001. “The Hong Kong-Canada connection” Workshop on China-Hong Kong-Canada immigration relations, Hong Kong (May).

Ley, D. 2001. “Abu-Lughod’s global cities: Made in the USA?” Workshop on Janet Abu-Lughod’s New York: Los Angeles, Chicago: America’s Global Cities. Annual conference of American Geographers, New York (March).

Ley, D. 2001. “’White flight, Chinese distress’ Representations of population change in Greater Vancouver” Annual conference of American Geographers, New York (March).

Ley, D. 2001 “Modern secularism in the full”. Invited response to Charles Taylor “History, secularity and the nova effect”. Vancouver (March).

Ley, D. 2000. “Immigration and economic development: the unexpected outcomes of the Business Immigration Program in Canada” Invited plenary address, Fifth International Metropolis Conference, Vancouver (November)

Ley, D. 2000. “Geography matters: The changing identity of Hong Kong entrepreneurs in Canada” Fifth International Metropolis Conference, Vancouver (November)

Ley, D. 2000. “’Hong Kong for making money, Vancouver for quality of life’: The Chinese diaspora in British Columbia” Invited presentation, Chinese diaspora workshop, Lewis Center, UCLA (August)

Ley, D. 2000. “’White flight, Chinese distress’: Rhetorics of neighbourhood change in Sydney and Vancouver” Multicultural Sites/Sights Workshop, PWIAS, Vancouver (June)

Ley, D. 2000. “Changing social geographies of immigrants in Canada” Invited address, Urban Diversity: Managing Multicultural Cities, Vancouver (March).

Ley, D. 2000. “Immigration and house prices in Toronto and Vancouver” 4th. National Metropolis Conference, Toronto (March) (with J. Tutchener).

Ley, D. 1999. “Multicultural planning: Whose city, whose identity?” Fourth International Metropolis Conference, Washington DC (December).

Ley, D. 1999. “Revisiting texts and textuality in cultural geography.” Invited Keynote speaker, City as Text conference, National University of Singapore (September).

Ley, D. 1999. “Unresolved issues in recent immigration to Canada” Invited address to the Royal Society of Canada, Western Region symposium, Vancouver (March).

Ley, D. 1999. “The strange story of business class immigration to Canada” AAG, Hawaii (March).

Ley, D., 1998. “Asian immigration, integration and the search for cultural identity,” Australian and Canadian Approaches to Asia, Vancouver (October).

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Ley, D., 1996. “Landscape frictions and identity fractures in multicultural Vancouver,” Canadian Studies Conference, Utrecht (November).

Ley, D., 1996. “”Postmodern epistemologies: are we stuck with our relatives?” Geography and Christian Worldview Conference, Calvin College, Grand Rapids (August).

Ley, D., 1995. Invited panelist, “The transformation of urban space: inventory and prospect,” CAG, Montreal (June).

Ley, D., 1995. “Urbane aesthetics: the artist in the city,” CAG, Montreal (June).

Mills, C. and D. Ley, 1995. “Postmodern spirits, New Age spaces,” CAG, Montreal (June).

Ley, D., 1994. “Between Asia and Europe: the case of the missing sequoias,” Social Science and History Conference, Atlanta (October).

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Ley, D., 1990. “Postmodernism and the City: A pedagogic review of Harvey, Cooke and Soja.” CAG annual meeting, Edmonton.