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Tourism and Fishing Communities Congress in Muros, Galicia

From April 20-23, 2006 I was an invited participant at the Muros Congress on Tourism and Fishing Communities. This event was organized by a variety of government and university centers, most notably the Centre for Studies in Tourism based at the University of Santiago de Compostella. The objective of the congress was to explore the […]

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Iain Davidson-Hunt on Mobilizing Local Knowledge: video

We are pleased to announce the publsihing of Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt’s talk, Mobilizing Local Knowledge. The presentation can be viewed by clicking the following link: http://www.ecoknow.ca/podcasts/davidson_hunt.html

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Trans Atlantic Connections: A Study of North Atlantic Fisheries in the Global Economy

Fishing communities around the globe find themselves locked paradoxically between intensely local expressions of community and increasingly liberalized economic regimes. Commonly referred to as globalization, these trans-national processes are having a direct and often destabilizing effect on fishing communities. However, the changes are neither preordained nor uniform across different local settings. Furthermore, local level processes […]

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