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In the south-central area of Laxyuup Gitxaała, on the south east of Pitt Island in behind the Cherry Islets, is Citeyats (IR #9 established July 10, 1891 by Commissioner Peter O’Reilly) a large Gitxaała village site.  Our archaeological research here has identified the surface features of up to 26 house depression including at least five […]

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Update:  December 2, 2010.  Blockade to come down following Minister of Forests promise to meet with Gitxaala leadership. ——– Going on two weeks now Gitxaala Hereditary leaders have engaged in a public act of asserting their sovereignty over the Laxyuup Gitxaala (traditional territory). Two primary reasons have been given: (1) the logging company, Triumph Timber, […]

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I’ve had a series of blog discussion with Tad McIlwraith as a result of his call for a list of BC ethnographies (see: http://tinyurl.com/29squal ).  What has piqued my curiosity is that all of the ethnographies that have been listed are about First Nations people. So, my question to you:  Can you suggest ethnographies about […]

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