Mission Impulseible Food Development Competition – deadline Mar 28, 2017

Pulse Canada will be sponsoring the Mission Impulseible food development competition.

The theme this year is:  “Create an innovative pulse-based food product targeted to Millennial consumers that qualifies for the use of the Pulse Brand.”

The Pulse Brand is a symbol that will help consumers around the world identify food products that contain pulse ingredients.  For a product to qualify for the Pulse Brand, the pulse ingredients must be in the top 5 ingredients by weight and must make up at least of 5% of the total formulation by weight.

The requirements are:

1.     Develop an innovative food product containing pulses

2.     Write a brief report about your product and develop a 2-minute video commercial

3.     Pitch your product to a panel of judges at your regional competition

CASH PRIZES FOR  1st, 2nd and 3rd place – $500/ $300/ $200

Registration deadline for teams is March 28.  The competition will be held either on  May 19 or June 3

Please respond ASAP to  Christine.scaman@ubc.ca indicating your interested in participating in the  competition and if you would NOT able to attend the competition on one of the dates

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