A Collection of Times Before Finals…

Currently at Koerner library. Starving and down to my last orange. Need to go home to make dinner soon, but I refuse to give up my hard earned spot! (Hey I was here as soon as the library opened this morning). Guess everyone here in the silent study area will have to put up with my grumbling tummy. So I realize I haven’t blogged in a while and after 6 straight hours of biology today, I thought I take a productive break from the wonderful world of cell biology and upload a few pictures. There, quick and easy, now it looks like I’ve put some effort into this blog. 🙂 Tis all for now. Good luck with finals everybody! <3

1. Sunday Morning at Granville Island
2. Yummy Seafood!
3. Fisherman’s Wharf, Steveson
4. First snowfall
5. I miss the Olympics!
6. Stayed at Fairmont Hotel, Whistler
7. This is where I live.
8. Season Pass to Mt Seymour
9. Beer Tasting at 12pm
10. I <3 my blackberry