Pearson Airport Drug Smuggling

In a span of 4 days from November 9th to November 12th, Canada Border Services Agents have seized around 7 million dollars worth of  cocaine at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

The flights were coming from the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Trinidad and More than 54kg’s were seized from 3 bags.

I travel by air frequently and I am pretty naive about the drug smuggling issue. I have always figured “what idiot would try and smuggle drugs through a major airport?”. Clearly however, people in the past have been successful in doing exactly this. If every smuggling mission through Pearson Airport in the past had been unsuccessful, the chances are these recent failed smuggling missions would have never been attempted.

These reports suggest to me there is most likely a good success rate of drug smuggling through Toronto’s main airport. This is an issue, and hopefully the recent failed attempts will discourage at least some people from trying to smuggle drugs through Pearrson International Airport in the future.


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