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Synthesis Reflection

I think this will be my last post!  I have said it before, but I will say it again….this has been my favourite course in the MET program.  I wrote on my course evaluation that this should be a required course and I do hope they consider it!  I was new to blogging in the beginning, but I feel much more comfortable now with the process.  I naturally write very conversationally and I think it lends well to this environment.  What I am still trying to gain comfortability with is people reading my blog…

Here is my final Synthesis Reflection.

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Moodle Reflection

Moodle Reflection

I created a Moodle site for my Foods & Nutrition 9 class that I teach face-to-face.  I plan on using this site to support my in class instruction and increase the breadth of knowledge that we explore by using the Internet and online tools.  Visit my Moodle.

  • 1. Splash page using an object orientation (5) – I decided to use the “topic format” versus the weekly format as we will use the site where applicable and not every week. I have a topic set for each content module and at the top of the splash page I have images that direct students to various components.
  1. Two (or more) complete content modules (5) – I created four Modules as I plan on using this site in the Fall.  The first module is a simple getting to know each other module.  The next two modules explore healthy living and recipes.  The last module includes the final exam.
  2. (At least) one module programmed for selective release (1) – I “hide” the last module (the exam) and I set it for the exam to open on a specific date.
  3. Two general discussion fora topics (2)  – I have 3 general discussions.  First, an icebreaker and where students discuss what foods they like and don’t like.  The next two discussions are questions I pose to the students to get a discussion going between the students.
  4. One group discussion forum for (at least) 2 groups (2) – I created 3 groups and a private discussion forum for them to collaborate.
  5. A reflection upon your experience completing this assignment in your reflective practice weblog.

Creating the Moodle site was the best experience I have had this far in the MET program.  I loved the process of creating it and the concept of a LMS to support my in class instruction. 

From the process point of view, I found the Moodle site intuitive and the online help was accessible and useful.  I also enjoyed how I was able to customize the look and feel of my site relatively easy.  I wanted my site to have a lot of white space to ensure that students could easily navigate and find the required work and I believe that I have accomplished this.  I also liked that I was able to switch between a weekly format and a topic format.  I can see the benefit of each and this time around I believe that the topic will best suit my needs.  I also like how easy it is to “hide” topics/assignments from students.  This way, I will be able to use my site as is and release information in a timely manner.  At this point, I don’t have any complaints or suggestions for Moodle.  I anticipate as time goes on and I use more functions that there will be changes that I want to make.

The fact that Moodle is designed around Constructivist pedagogy ensures that all activities and resources are available to address any instruction or assignments I wished to do with my students.  The online nature of the Moodle site also is a vehicle for my students to use various Internet tools.  Overall, I think I did an excellent job of addressing the goals I had set out in the beginning of the term:

 I have identified the following goals to enrich student learning in my classroom:

1. Improve collaboration between students.
2. Improve communication with parents.
3. Explore and experiment with different recipes and food techniques to make the experience more authentic.

I am excited to use my Moodle site and I am confident that my students and I will enjoy the experience.

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Toolkit – Skype

Well I just installed Skype and I can tell that the communication between me (at home this summer) and my husband (at work) has just improved.  It took me minutes to set up and I know my husband uses Skype, so I thought I would send him a quick hello.  I took a screen shot of our conversation as it made me laugh! This shows why companies do not like chat – too much distraction!

Skype - screen shot

Skype - screen shot

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Check out my multimedia inventory page for a .pdf link.

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Digital Story

For my Foods & Nutrition 9 class I created a tour of the foods I love from around the world. Please select the image below and it will direct you to the tour. For full assignment, please refer to “Digital Story” page.

Foods around the World

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I was a little nervous about this task this week, but it ended up coming together quite well.  Clearly, some people had worked with wiki’s and took charge and helped our collaborative effort develop seamlessly.  I really do appreciate the time and leadership that those in the helm took as it helped the rest of us move along.

I have worked on shared documents before (Google Docs and Zoho), but I have found the experience to not be as smooth.  In the past, I loved the collaborative nature of the shared document and the ability to know what was the “current” draft.  In the past, my group members and I all seemed to need a live chat function in order to make changes and develop ideas.  This time, I learned that it is “ok” to add things and make changes!

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I watched the YouTube video, “A Vision of Students Today (&What Teachers Must Do) by Michael Wesch a few days ago and honestly, I was a little frusterated by it.  I took a few days to let it digest and now I am ready to post my thoughts on it…even Wesch comments, “I recently came to view the video with a sense of uneasiness and even incredulity” (2008).  It was kind of like watching a bunch of kids at a birthday party whine that they didn’t get the big enough piece of cake.  These young adults made the choice to be at school and they should take the opportunity to do something useful there.  I really don’t think it is the instructors job to put on a dog and pony show.  I do think it is the instructors job to create meaningful and engaging work.  I don’t have much more to say here, so I am signing off…

Wesch, M. (2007) A Vision of Students Today (& What Teachers Must Do). Accessed online 25 March 2009.

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Assignment – Assessment

Moodle quiz reflection posted on Assessment page and quiz is up and running!

Assignment has been posted on my Communication Tools Page.

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Toolkit – wiki

I have a wiki!  Well, it is the last day of school and I finally have a wiki! I guess all great ideas take time, but I now have this up and running for next year.  I want to create a collaborative site where students can suggest great resources that they have found online.  I plan on using the resources and I hope they see the value in it as well.  I used pbWorks as some MET students suggested it.  It took minutes to prepare and seems easy for me and my students to follow.  The only thing I questioned was to allow anyone or everyone to contribute!?!?!?!  In the end, I decided to allow everyone with no restrictions. 

Check it out….

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