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I am a tiny 18 year old with big dreams, in a big city. I like to eat, and dance in the rain. My goal in life is to make you fall in love with me, through my words.

About me

My First Week in Vancouver

  Whenever I dreamt of moving to a new country, I pictured myself getting down from the plane with two suitcases, and staring into a sea of blinking city lights ahead of me, and I would say to myself that

Toronto In Twenty Dollars

                                                   Ten minutes before departure, I realised that  I  have only a twenty dollar bill in my pocket.      I started making a list of the things that I can’t forget to take on my trip to Toronto the same day I

Why I love telling stories

When I was in the 6th grade, I fell down the stairs in front of my crush. Embarrassment flooded my lungs and I swore that I would never return to school. Just when the air of mortification began to lighten, the

The simplest tandoori chicken ever!

This is a family recipe that my mom makes. And now I am missing mom. 🙁 Ingredients  1 Chicken of about 1.5kgs  Soya Sauce ¼ cup  Dried Chili 1tbs  Tandoori Masaala   2Tbs  Butter 50 grams

Is euthanasia justified?

    The euthanasia debate is one of the most highly divisive issues separating the practices of holistic and conventional medicine. Did you know that last year, Canada became one of the six countries in the world to legalize euthanasia?

Before you go to the UBC Hospital, read this.

An article reflecting on my experiences with the UBC hospital.

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Around Vancouver

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CV is not a sexually transmitted disease.

So CV isn’t an STD?

How Hank Gets a 100 in midterms

Oh Hank, how do you do it? Hank represents all the students who got a 100, ‘effortlessly’, while I, after crumpling up my social life into a ball and throwing it away, ended up with…(lets keep a little bit of


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