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Toronto In Twenty Dollars

                                                   Ten minutes before departure, I realised that  I  have only a twenty dollar bill in my pocket.      I started making a list of the things that I can’t forget to take on my trip to Toronto the same day I

Before you go to the UBC Hospital, read this.

An article reflecting on my experiences with the UBC hospital.

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How Hank Gets a 100 in midterms

Oh Hank, how do you do it? Hank represents all the students who got a 100, ‘effortlessly’, while I, after crumpling up my social life into a ball and throwing it away, ended up with…(lets keep a little bit of

How do prepare for Midterm II

What, again? But I just failed last week. Can I at least get a break before I fail again? Before we can get over the traumatic experience that the first midterm showered us with, the second midterm starts knocking on the

A cockroach kissed my buttocks!

I crept  under the sheets, too tired to change my battered clothes. I had just returned from the war; the one where my cholesterol clad arteries rebelled against my diet of raw cake batter. Cake batter won, DUH!   I was

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Chapter One.

1 I stared at the bulge in my father’s throat, hoping to find a spot where If I slit, he would suffer the most. The Adam’s apple that was supposed to make him a man had failed. He had remained

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a cup of tea ‘I didn’t want their last memories to be of cold dead bodies in a black body bag. I also didn’t want his last memory to be that of where he swore that I was picked up

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A Cup of Tea

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Standing Out

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