And… scene! Take four (months)!

WHAT? In the blink of any eye my first year at UBC has ended. I simply cannot believe how fast this first year passed by… considering I didn’t seem to have done much at all. But yes, I remember sitting down and writing an excruciatingly hard calculus final yesterday at the SRC and yes, I believe that was my last exam! Now the waiting begins.

This past year has been one of many learning experiences for me, both inside and outside of school. I took my first steps in experiencing the “real” world and I know I still have so much to see of that. I learned the increasing importance of time management and prioritization, and also learned the true reality of how hard earning money is with my first job. I learned about being independent, even if just partially, as my school and work schedules differed from the rest of my family and I was often forced to figure out a lot of things by myself – like transportation, food, alarms (oh, the dreaded alarm clock!). There was sincerely much to be learned and experienced in simply this first year, I can’t imagine how it would be like in the future.

I learned that as much as it is important to succeed in an education, it is just as important to secure friendships, reach out, and be involved. I learned the importance of having enough humility to ask for help, and the willingness to offer that helping hand if someone is there to ask.

I learned to look for objectives when acting, I learned how to derive and integrate (the latter… only sort of), I close read about vampires, food, werewolves and drew meaning from Old English passages, I learned the origins of language and English language roots, I learned about the large complexity that is the human brain, about learning, stress, coping, about mental disease, about social interactions and personality; I learned the basics of the economy.

To say simply that this year was a year that was packed full of learning and gaining new insights would be an understatement. It was a year that was simply very enjoyable and eye-opening to say the least, and makes me ever more glad that I chose UBC.

This summer I’m looking forward to working a little more and also spending LOTS of time relaxing and catching up with friends. I’ll blog once in a while, but probably will be back full force in September. Here’s to the four month summer! (And to those who are taking the summer term – best of luck!)

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  1. I am also taking a bit of a break this Summer 😀

    Congrats on finishing first year! Have a great summer!

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