About Me!

My name is Thomas Chan, but I also go by Tom, Tom Tom, Tommy, T-Chan, T, John, and more recently, Black Box. (It’s a long story :P). I’m an Arts student at UBC (reppin’ the purple!) and I love acting, writing, film, music, photos, blogging, talking, meeting new people, Apple products, pizza, Pokémon, the Skytrain, and Starbucks. I am directionally and vertically challenged and also have an unhealthy obsession with bowties and Candy Crush Saga.

Through this blog I’m doing with the Blog Squad I hope to be able to share with all of you some of the interesting, weird and maybe just crazy adventures from first year! You can also see some of my musings in my other two social networks, Twitter and Instagram, both with the username @TheTChan.

Thanks, enjoy, and stay a while!

2 responses to “About Me!

  1. Excited to have you as an addition to Blog Squad, Thomas! Arts represeeennnt.

    • Thanks Nirel! For some reason I thought I replied to this, but quite evidently I didn’t! Haha! I’m really thrilled to be here, it should be an amazing year! ARTSS! 🙂

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