RESULTS: Research Grant Recipients!

Earlier this week, the SSA executives met and chose the recipients to divide our $600 total Research Grant amongst! It was a difficult decision to make, so thank you to the wonderful sociologists that applied.

Here are this year’s winners!

Andy Holmes to support research towards an Honours thesis, “Competing Perceptions of Safety inPride Parades”, which will explore the intersections between the diverse social movements, including the anti-racist Black Lives Matter movement and the LGBT2Q+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, two-spirit) movement.

Tina Chenyang Jiang to help present research on place identity during rapid social change, titled “Practice of Transnational Mobilities: WhiteSpot Family Restaurant in Vancouver as a Case Study”, at Transforming Urbanity: People and Cities on the Move, a 4-day international conference in Malaysia.

Anangons Johnson-Owl to help conduct interviews for a research project in the course Sociology 382: Qualitative Methods, with the project topic focusing on exploring themes of hardship and resilience in the university setting as they are understood by Indigenous and Indigenous-focused professors at UBC.

Kacey Ng to support the presentation of a research paper examining the current and significant challenges of degradation faced by Vancouver’s Chinatown, which will take place at this year’s annual Canadian Sociological Association conference in Toronto.


Siqi Xiao to support participation in this year’s Urban Ethnographic Field School.

Congratulations, Andy, Tina, Anangons, Kacey and Siqi! Best of luck in your sociological endeavours!

Research Opp!

Media content analysis for BC Women’s Sexual Assault Service (SAS) – 1 student

SAS is looking for 1 student to  assist with the data collection required for a systematic media content analysis of current (mainstream) discourse around  sexual assault.   The outline and plan for the data collection will be drafted in consultation with study investigator(s) (and student’s supervisor if there is one). The use of the data for publication is also an option, and can be discussed with the study investigator(s).  Compensation is $15/hour for up to 67 hours over a three month period (2017).

BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre (BCWH) is the provincial resource for all aspects of women’s health. BCWH is dedicated to providing one-of-a-kind care to meet women’s specialized health needs, from maternity, birthing and clinical care over the life span to service delivery and provincial outreach activities. BC Women’s has a reputation as an academic health sciences centre, is affiliated with the University of British Columbia (UBC) through the Women’s Health Research Institute (WHRI), and is a frequent collaborator with Simon Fraser University (SFU).

Survivor responses to sexual assault are affected by many factors and their experience may be shaped by how they perceive, and are perceived, by those around them. Public perceptions of sexual assault are mired in misconceptions and victim-blaming. Lack of knowledge and awareness makes public perception of sexual assault highly vulnerable to influence by persons in positions of power (policy makers, legal professionals, educators, health professionals etc.) which in turn may effect survivors decision to disclose. Choosing not to disclose sexual assault may have harmful and lead to lasting health and social consequences for survivors, their families, and communities.   SAS seeks to better understand public perception of sexual assault and who has influence, attention needs to be given to media and power holders, with a content analysis conducted of mainstream print, radio, television, and social media.

Contact Info:

Aimee Nygaard

Phone: (604) 875-2478



Please send current CV and cover letter detailing experience(s) with media content analysis/data collection and understanding of this form of analysis, as well as any other relevant experience (max 500 words).


April 7, 2017

2017-2018 SSA Elections

Being a part of the SSA is a worthwhile, enjoyable, and fun experience. It gives you an opportunity to learn more about the department, work closely with other Sociology students, and develop events/projects/etc. that interest you and will inspire a strong Sociology Department. To learn more about the SSA and our vision, please click here.

Timeline for elections:

  • February 27th – March 9th: Applications open, candidates submit

  • March 10th – March 15th: Voting

  • March 17th: Results Announced!

To apply for any of the below positions, please email us at by March 9th at 11:59pm with a paragraph that includes the following (100-200 words). Please be aware that what you send us in the email is what we will use as your candidacy promo during voting!

  • Your name (required)
  • Major/Minor specialization (required)
  • Year (required)
  • Why you want to join the SSA (suggested)
  • What you will bring to SSA in this role (i.e. skills, ideas) (suggested)


  1. All executives MUST be available for at least 3 hours every week for meetings, promoting events, and other duties more specific to their position.  In reality, there will be some weeks where time devoted to the SSA will be more or less than this. While the team will work together and support each other throughout the year, each executive must be independently committed and dependable.
  2. You must have declared or be expecting to declare a major or minor in Sociology in order to run for any executive position.
  3. Only 3rd and 4th year students are eligible to run for co-presidency positions.
  4. Nominees are able to run for 2 positions maximum. When applying, you will be asked for your preferred position between the two, and in the event that you are successfully accepted to both you will be given the preferred position. *Note: Associate editor excluded.
  5. You may not apply if you are doing Co-Op or Exchange for 1 term during the 2016-17 year

2016-2017 SSA Positions

* Note: All executives will be responsible for attending bi-weekly meetings, answering emails, and assisting with SSA events and projects.

Co Presidents (2)

The role of the Co-Presidents is integral in ensuring smooth operations within the SSA. As the leaders of the SSA, overall organization and visioning is needed to operate the club. The main responsibility of the Co-Presidents is to oversee the club’s functions by supporting all members of the team and maintaining communication within the department. As Co-President, you will be exposed to different levels of the Sociology Department. You will enrich your leadership skills through managing your team, while also developing unique set of skills such as interpersonal, communication, and problem solving.

For a full position description, please click here.

Vice-President: Academic

The Vice-President: Academic is a project-based role that’s responsible for overseeing the academic support services the SSA will hold throughout the year, with the assistance of the Co-Presidents. The VP Academic must be passionate and willing to learn about the opportunities available in the Sociology Department to fully support undergraduate students. In addition, the VP Academic will coordinate with an external organization (Artona) in September. As VP Academic, you will be able to apply your leadership skills and learn skills such as organization and action planning.

For a full position description, please click here.

Vice-President: Social

The Vice President: Social is a project-based role that is responsible for the assistance of the Co-Presidents. The VP Social will coordinate mentors and mentees and hold service events for sociology students. In addition, the VP Social will coordinate with an external organization in September to coordinate T-shirt sales. VP Social is perfect for a charismatic individual. You will be able to interact with various students and apply your coordination and leadership skills, while also developing action planning skills.

For a full position description, please click here.


The Treasurer is primarily responsible for managing the club finances and grants. He/she will work closely with the AMS to coordinate finances, reimbursements, and budgets. The role is a great fit for someone with an interest with finances, or a willingness to learn. You will learn useful skills in budgeting, administration, and communication with the AMS.

For a full position description, please click here.


The Secretary is responsible for keeping SSA files accountable and organized. The main responsibility is taking minutes at each of the meetings and sending them out to the team. However, the Secretary is also responsible for maintaining and understanding the club constitution and SSA memberships. The secretary will learn and practice how to translate spoken to written communication, and become familiar with the best practices of an organization.

For a full position description, please click here.

Media Specialist: Communications

The Communications Media Specialist will work closely with the Graphics Media Specialist. The Communications position will focus more on writing, such as coordinating bi-weekly short blog posts onto the SSA blog and sending out Facebook and mailing list posts around events and activities. This position is perfect for someone who enjoys writing and communicating, and learning how to promote events using social media.

For a full position description, please click here.

Media Specialist: Graphics

The Graphics Media Specialist will work closely with the Communications Media Specialist. The Graphics position will be responsible for taking photos at events, keeping up weekly Instagram posts, and designing posters for each event that SSA organizes. If you love graphic design or have an interest in visuals, this is the position for you. You’ll get to design the visual aspect of the SSA for the year, and make each graphic eye-catching and unique.

For a full position description, please click here.

Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator is responsible for organizing the materials and space needed for certain events the SSA holds. Some tasks include: booking space, coordinating food, organizing set-up and clean-up and printing posters. You will be able to develop your organizational and time management skills through coordinating the preparations needed for each event, and develop relationships within the department.

For a full position description, please click here.

AUS Representative

The AUS Representative is responsible for being the face of the SSA to the Arts Undergraduate Society. In addition to attending the bi-weekly AUS meetings, the representative will need to run for one AUS committee and maintain communication between the SSA and AUS. As AUS Rep, you will gain connections to the AUS and to other departments while learning communication and collaboration skills.

For a full position description, please click here.



Term 2 Annual General Meeting!

It’s that time of the semester again…we’re pleased to announce the launch of the SSA’s term 2 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING!

Join us on Tuesday, January 24th from 2pm-3:30 pm in the Nest Room 2306/9 to:

-catch up and chat with other SSA-er’s
-make new friends
-get to know the executives
-find out about how you can be involved in the SSA this term
-play games and have fun!

As per usual, food and drinks will be provided by us!

This is a great opportunity to interact with peers that share your interests, and build a network that makes your time at UBC Sociology that much better.

We’re so excited to see you!


November items: Sociology Outside the Classroom + Sociology Grad Reception!

Salutations sociologists!

We hope you’re standing strong against these end-of-semester November paper twisters! But have no fear, the SSA is here to brighten up your day with some upcoming events:

Class of 2016, you made it! Stroll down the charming rose garden steps and into the cozy, cuddly ANSO one last time after the graduation ceremony with your fellow, new Bachelor holders! What better way to end your sociology undergraduate journey than together in the Sociology Graduation Reception? Bring your family and friends any time between 12:30pm – 2:00pm on November 24th in the LINO Lounge; food, drinks and good vibes will be provided for everyone!


For those of you sticking around UBC a little while longer, we’ve got a fantastic opportunity for you to make your time here more meaningful. Have you ever wondered how you can bring your academic learning outside the classroom? The SSA is pleased to present a Sociology Outside the Classroom workshop/ information session and fill you in on how you can do just that. Come talk to former Go Global students, Teacher’s and Research assistants, Sojourners editors and former Urban Ethnographic Field School students and find out how you can be a part of one, two or all of these things! We look forward to seeing you on November 23rd in ANSO 134 from 12:00pm – 1:30pm. Be sure to REGISTER for the event on the link below!


Until then!

Soci Squad Mentors

The Soci Squad Peer Program is the first of its kind from the SSA. Inspired by other mentorship programs, upper level sociology student mentors are grouped with 1st and 2nd year mentees. Large scale social events happen once a month for the purpose of community building, while smaller informal meet-ups with mentors and mentees take place over the school year.

Meet the mentors!

Elizer Erpilla – 5th year Sociology Major

  • Passionate about singing and performing on and off campus (UBC Music Initiative)
  • Experienced in applying for jobs on campus (law library, aquatic centre, TA)
  • Took on a sudden shift in career – dreaming to be a healthcare professional


Talk to me about: Musical performance opportunities, intro to sociology, time management

Iman Ghosh – 4th Year Soci major, minoring in GRSJ

  • Been on the SSA exec team for 3 years, and took part in the Urban Ethnographic Field School program over the summer. Currently Co-editor in Chief of Sojourners, and doing an Honours thesis on media sociology!
  • Hoping to go on to Mass communications/Journalism after graduating, perhaps in New York – but for now, Vancouver is home to this international student
  • Passionate about trying new things and experiences, travelling, and pop culture


Talk to me about: Netflix (since I watch way too much of it), intersectional feminism, and fun things to do in Vancouver!

Elida Ibrahim – 4th year Sociology major

  • Passionate about film and new media (former BFA in film prod.)
  • Currently part of the SSA exec team and an associate editor for Sojourners
  • Worked for a non-profit in Malaysia, took part in the Urban Ethnographic Field School over the summer, and volunteered at the UBC Learning Exchange
  • Took me awhile to get involved on campus, so now I’m trying my best to rectify that and give the kind of support I wish I had!  


Talk to me about: films, travel,  Malaysian food,  sociological theories, and study tips

Cecilia Federizon – 5th Year Sociology Major, minoring in GRSJ

  • My passions are singing (Broadway and classical), pop culture and intersectional feminism
  • I watch too many TV shows (Orphan Black, Stranger Things, The 100, Friends, Galavant, Supernatural, Westworld, How to Get Away with Murder, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and Once Upon a Time)
  • Currently for the past 2 years, I’ve been acting as Co-President in the SSA and I’ve been a TA for SOCI 100
  • I’ve also been involved with UBC Orientations (Orientation Leader & Squad Leader), UBC Peer Programs as a Peer Academic Coach and Student Directed Seminars as a Coordinator for SOCI 433 (Sociology of Fashion)
  • My dream job would be to work for Disney as a feminist consultant on their scripts, screenwriting and portrayals in movies. But if that doesn’t work out, I want to work in media/communications 🙂


Talk to me about: TV Shows, Movies, Broadway, intersectional feminism, travel, Disney, getting involved with the department and/or UBC

Lauren Hindley – 4th Year Sociology Major

  • Hobbies include being crafty, baking, travel
  • Currently a research assistant (R.A) for Dr. Wendy Roth
  • Writing an Honour’s thesis on Third Culture Kids’ experience at UBC
  • Interested in culture, gender, globalization and exploring Vancouver & beyond


Talk to me about: Travel, food, living abroad, time management, holding down job(s) with a full course load

Noor Hewaidi- 4th Year Sociology Major

  • Sociological passions include immigration, race and ethnicity, culture, equity and inclusivity
  • Just Noor passions are photography, blogging, writing and foodie-ing!
  • Currently a sociology TA, SSA Communications Specialist, MSA Social Director and Soci Peer Advisor
  • Just got back from a Study Abroad in Italy…so talk to me about Study Abroad!
  • Very passionate about sociology, and currently applying for post-graduate studies in sociology! Would love to talk about career planning.


Talk to me about: Making your student experience meaningful, culture, media, travel and anything you’re passionate about! I love listening to all passions and believe in their worth.

Leanne Huang – 6th year Double-Major in Sociology & Psychology

  • Believes that everybody deserves to live safe and happy lives.
  • Experience as a UBC “student leader” in roles such as: Orientations (MUG & Squad) Leader, Peer Academic Coach, Arts Tri-Mentoring Program student coordinator, Psychology Student Association’s VP-Academic
  • Some UBC Sociology related experiences include being a coordinator for a Student Directed Seminar, a student of the Urban Ethnographic Field School and the Go Global seminar program in Guatemala
  • Careers that I’ve considered since 1st yr: dietitian, clinical counsellor, health psychologist,  epidemiologist, speech-language pathologist, family physician, post-secondary teacher, higher education professional, lawyer, psychiatrist….
  • I also have paid work experience as a teaching assistant, research assistant, library assistant and I take pride in being a good friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter, and dog co-owner


Talk to me about: health (be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, financial, etc.); being a UBC student; your life experiences, aspiration, worries, problems — anything!

Kirsten Jade Mendonca- 4th year Sociology Major

  • I’m specifically interested in intersectional feminism and elders.
  •  I just joined the SSA as their Logistics Coordinators. I love bringing people together and I’m really hoping I get to do that this year. "<br
  • I know quite a bit about the clubs/resources on campus, having worked in Residence life for the past 3 years.
  • I take pride is my abilities at All You Can Eat. Some of my current records are 2 1/2 pizzas, and 4 hours straight eating AYCE Sushi
    Talk to me about: Beyonce, Good Food, Planning, and Expanding Love.
    Patrick Teichrib– 1st year Law student (former Sociology Major)
    • Public health and socio-technological studies
    • Worked for in a small indigenous community in Northern Alberta last summer running a public health and recreation program.
    • I completed my honours thesis within the sociology of aging, which a focus on who technology interacts with and is reshaping our conception of ageing and ageing bodies.
    • As a first-generation university student, I struggled to get the hang of university at the beginning. Now, I want to offer any support I can to students in a similar position.
    • I white-water kayak, hike, and recently got into bouldering.
    Talk to me about: Stats (I know right, who likes stats); public health; Nikolas Rose and; post-humanist theory (or theory in general).

Grad School Info Session!

A nifty event you’d want to mark on your calendars this October:

For those of you graduating this year or the next, grad school might be something you’re thinking about, and making your application stand out could be stressful. With grad school deadlines approaching, the SSA and Sociology departement are hosting a Grad School Info Session to guide you on successful application writing! Register by OCTOBER 21st for a spot! The event will be on October 26th from 11-12:30 pm. We hope to see you there, sociologists to be!

Register here:


UBC SSA Annual General Meeting 2016!

It’s that time of the year….

The UBC Sociology Students’ Association is proud to present the Annual General Meeting of the 2016/17 academic year!

Join us this Friday afternoon to *socialize* with other students/ students-to-be of sociology, and get some more information on who we are, what we do and how you can become involved with us this year! We have fun activities prepared for you and, of course, FREE food! Young Marx would totally attend this capitalist free zone.

Although we do warn you Marx lovers…there will be an opportunity open for you to get your SSA membership at the social/ meeting, but only for $2! Maybe we’ll even show you how to spell bour-geoi-sie without blinking. (Did we spell that right?)

Also, we will be announcing who our new secretary is at this event! Drum rolls please.

The SSA is excited to encounter new and old faces, and to start connecting, building and empowering our network of UBC sociology students.

See you then!


‘Soci Squad’ Undergraduate Peer Program!

Are you new to the sociology departement and looking to make your experience meaningul, enjoyable and rewarding? We have a new, fantastic opportunity just for that!

Join our ‘Soci Squad‘ Undergraduate Peer Program to be paired and connected with an upper level sociology student, along other 1st and 2nd years! In our large and buzzing campus, this is a great opportunity to make like-minded friends and begin creating a network of sociology students to share your experience at our departement with.

Our plan for this program includes an Amazing Race, Coffee Houses and tons of other social events! Not only will you get to know your peers and participate in fun activities together, but you will connect with UBC sociology students whom you can approach for questions, advise and mentorship about your own journey as a sociology undergraduate student.

Click the link below to apply for this program! We look forward to meeting you and helping you make your time at UBC sociology memorable. Hurry, because we only have 50 spots open! Apply by September 28th.

Application form for Soci Squad Undergraduate Peer Program!

Also, we are recruiting peer mentors to help us facilitate this program! Upper level sociology students who have experience TAing, participated in a Go Global experience, are part of the SSA or are very passionate about helping other sociology students can apply below!

Application form for Soci Squad Undergratuate Program MENTORS!





Want a say in who gets to be the new SSA Secretary? Now’s your chance.

Read on to find out more about the candidates and then exercise your democratic right to vote for who YOU would like as your new SSA Secretary!

Lauren Hindley

“My name is Lauren Hindley, and I am a 4th year Sociology Major (Honours).

After working in the Sociology department as a Research Assistant for Dr. Roth over the summer, I have been inspired to continue making myself useful to the Sociology department and more importantly; my peers. I have been interested in applying to be part of the SSA for some time now, especially after reaping the benefits of the mentorship program, however the meeting times often clashed with my job as Marketing and Operations Manager for Prep101. Fortunately, the combination of a lightened course load, as well as a shift in my role at Prep101 has meant that I now am willing and able to volunteer my time. As an honours student, I hope to relish the opportunity to make new connections throughout the department, as well as help recruit more SSA members and be part of a dynamic team of peers. My work-learn R.A position has been extended to cover the fall semester, however this commitment is extremely time flexible, and ultimately means I’ll be available in ANSO building more often.”

Kacey Ng

“I would love to take on the role of the secretary for the coming 2016 semester!  It would be a privilege to work with students that are passionate about what they’re studying and willing to take action towards greater social change.  I believe I would fit the role of the secretary because, although I do not hold previous experience with the SSA, I would like to begin to get more involved with the students and faculty of the department.  In addition, I also have experience working as a secretary.  I have previously worked with the South Vancouver Lion’s Club in their affiliated student LEO’s club as their running secretary, providing me with the experience necessary to fulfill this role as a secretary with ease.

I am currently a third year student majoring in Sociology, however, I intend on pursuing the honours program in the following year.  I am currently working as a TA with the department and have experience writing research papers and attending conferences so I believe, even as a novice in the club, I would have something to bring to the table.” 

Kiarmin Shaban-Lari

“My name is Kiarmin and I’m a third-year Sociology transfer student from Capilano University.

At my previous institution I was part of many collectives, the Capilano Queer Collective being one, where we created a safe and comfortable space for people to socialize and exchange ideas in by hosting events and workshops on campus. I have great interpersonal skills bundled with experience promoting and organizing events, and am looking forward to exploring UBC and Sociology Student Association further. I LOVE working with people and I know how important it is to be part of an environment where everyone feels comfortable and involved, where learning is maximized, and great memories are made. 

Additionally, I was involved in the management of one of the JJ Bean cafes for the past two years, where I gained a lot of leadership experience and learned how to work with different personalities, while maintaining a positive and fun work place.

So here are the reasons why you should vote for me:

         – I love working with people

         – I have vast experience of hosting and organizing events,

         – I’m reliable and punctual 

         – I’m new to UBC and I need friends

         – I have nice hair (ish)

        – I’m fun to work with!”

Miriam Teich

“My name is Miriam Teich, and I’m a second year arts student at UBC. Being in second year, I don’t have a major yet, but I intend on either majoring or minoring in sociology during my time at UBC. I would love to join the SSA because I think it would be a great way for me to throw myself into arts at UBC. Last year, I made a tough decision and left sciences behind to switch faculties; grades-wise, I was doing fine – it was more a matter of being honest with myself (and my parents) about my true interests and goals in university. I’m happy to be here, and I know I can enthusiastically take on a position as secretary. I’m very focused and organized, and I’ve always been good at multi-tasking and managing my time – it’s really the perfect position for me.”

Priscilla Wong

“I am interested in the secretary position at the Sociological Student’s Association to make a contribution to my community by applying my knowledge and skills. Last summer, I was involved in a volunteer program teaching children living in poverty basic English in Cambodia. The experience had greatly impacted my values and since then, I have wanted to help the less privileged and to make positive differences in their lives. As a second year Arts student aspired to major in Sociology, I would like to take this opportunity to be more involved in the Sociology community at UBC as well as challenge myself in a new environment. Becoming a member of the SSA will allow me to explore sociology in a different light outside the classroom setting. In addition to my passion, I have a background in operations management, customer service and interpersonal skills as demonstrated through my relevant work experience as a supervisor at the Pacific National Exhibition. Continually, I have been actively involved at Canada Place cruise ship terminal in the pre-board screening process preparing various incident reports and responding to prohibited items. I strongly believe that I am a suitable candidate for this position as a secretary.”

Those are your candidates for Secretary. Now that you know a little bit more about them, go ahead and vote at this link: Vote for Secretary!