Vancouver Parent Blogs to Bookmark

By Helena Zhu, Women Students Program Assistant at Access & Diversity

Vancouver has a diverse group of parent bloggers, covering topics from road trips and activities to crafts and recipes. Below is a selection of blogs we love and would like to share with you!


Discovering Parenthood: Tamara Goyette blogs about a variety of happenings in her life, but her travels with her husband, Jason, and their daughter, Evie, are full of vivid photos and tips. Who knew you can see a house full of barn owls, watch all different kinds of birds (most notably eagles and hawks), and stroll by Nicomekl River, located in Surrey, at Elgin Heritage Park!

Pint Size Pilot: If you like the beach, the snow, or adventures, Tara Cannon is the blogger for you. From a hand-picked catalogue of baby and toddler beach essentials to kid-friendly travel spots, she’s got going out with your baby(ies) covered!

Daddy Blogger: Ricky Shetty and his family went on 15 trips in 3.5 years, including one to the Whistler Children’s Festival. Aside from all their trips, Ricky also writes about how to select a perfect family portrait photographer and reviews products such as a wearable book!

Arts & Crafts

Keeping the Me in Mommy: Renata agrees that having focused crafting sessions is not always possible with a three-year-old and a one-year-old, but she has never stopped trying. From decorating sheep with fluffy cotton balls on Chinese New Year to making Valentine’s Day cards for day care classmates, Renata can keep you and your little one(s)’s creative juice flowing.


Talk Nerdy to Me: Louise Chapman is a thoughtful blogger who writes about things that she is thankful for on every “Thankful Thursday.” Her energy of positivity easily influences readers and urges them to reflect on the little things in life that are worth appreciating. She also engages in harder conversations on important issues including adolescent suicide and anti-bullying.

Styling the Inside: Jamie Dunlop Khau’s blog is about feeling good on the inside. She talks about running her first half marathon, helping her children develop a positive body image, and teaching children how to stay safe on social media. She is also good at posting tips for last-minute gift ideas, be it for Christmas or Valentine’s Day.


SewCreative: Blogger Crystal Allen makes cooking look extremely fun. Her cooking adventures are full of experimentation and include recipes like homemade raspberry vinegar recipe and bacon chocolate chip scones with maple and sea salt drizzle recipe. In addition to wonderful cooking ideas, Crystal crafts and shares tips on how to give an ordinary IKEA stool a makeover.

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