Week 12: speaking the truth

From this week reading,I just realiced that there are many authoritarian governments in Latin America. How is it possible that they have done that? I am just saying this because even when the government killed those people they also killed the women that were complaining, mentioning that those took actions against the government, but in a peaceful way. I need to say that something similar happened in Mexico not long time ago. In Mexico, they killed 43 students because they were protesting against the local goverment, but not in a peaceful way. But even though, how is it possible that the government kill citizens? And much more important, the parents of those young students have been protestint just to know the real reason of their murders and they are not receiving any response… so this just bring me to one point, governments in Latin Americs do not care about its citizens after they get power. This can be related to the concept of delegaty democracy, which is that rulers are entitled to gover as they fit… this means that rulers from these kind of democracies believe that they can do whatever they want because people chose them but thats totally false in my opinion. From the reading, it is not possible that governments could be that repressive when people just want a reason and explication of different kind of facts and nothing more. In conclusion, governments in Latin America have been characterized not only by being democratic governments but also authoritarian regimes.

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