Rusting Windows


Microsoft has decided to cutback more than 2000 staffs , and shut down one of its research centers. They claimed that this decision is due to its new CEO’s goal. However, I believe the shrinking of employees is the beginning of downfall for this historical company. As another technological giant, Apple, grows exponentially over the past decade, sales and popularity of Microsoft products have seriously plummeted. One of the numerous factors is that their operation system “Windows” does not contain any prominent upgrade for years. While it still stick to its old formula to success, Apple has continuously improved its operation system. From applications to design , “IOS” is always considered innovative and user-friendly to consumers. As one of the many unsatisfied  “Windows” users, only words I can associate with its O.S. are flawed , problematic and sluggish. From the Microsoft example, it is clear that bad reputations from users will lead to a devastated effect on your products’ demand. Moreover, for a company to sustain success and profits, endless changes and innovative ideas are required. If a company decides to rely on its successful past and refuses to step into the future, elimination will eventually occur; just take a look at blackberry. Is Microsoft turning into the next Blackberry? Only time will tell.



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